Style Secrets From Grandma’s House

Style Secrets From Grandma’s House

When you think about stylish homes, it’s unlikely your grandma’s house comes to mind. Admittedly, seventy is the new sixty, so you may well have a gran who’s front of the style queue. For the most part, though, when we think of homes for the elderly, we have a particular image in mind. It isn’t always a good one. As well as that musty smell, we imagine the homes of older people to be quite bland and dated. And sometimes, there’s no denying that they are.

But, your gran’s pad may have more style potential than you realize. In fact, she could even be an unusual trendsetter in a way. After all, they do say that fashions come and go. Sure, a new thing will pop up every few years. For the most part, though, the styles which come around each season are things which have come before. With that in mind, turn your designer eye to a few styles your gran may already have been rocking for years. Though you might not realize it, they could be a sure way a home design to die for. For proof, let’s look at some of the traditional home features which have been making an appearance in recent years.

The gas fire

Many a gran sits by an old gas fire for the extra warmth it provides. Admittedly, these are often bulky and unappealing things. While comforting, they wouldn’t be a first fashion choice. But, by choosing yourself a modern gas fireplace, you could actually bring your home right up to date. Unlike those bulky old options, modern alternatives are realistic. Some even come complete with fake logs and flickering flames if you so desire. By selecting the right surround, you can also make sure this fits with your home. You could have a fire inserted into your wall, or made to look like a more traditional, authentic design. Either way, this is sure to become a focal point in any room. And, it’ll be much easier to light up than a real log option!

Of course, with an addition like this, it’s crucial to ensure you don’t break the bank when it comes time to pay the bills. It’s important to consider whether your fire or your heating, would be the best choice. In cases where you only want to heat one room, you could switch on the fire instead of the heat. But, the other rooms in your house will be left out in the cold. A gas fire like this would be best for families who all spend a lot of time in one room, rather than those who fragment.

The sofa throw

Also for the sake of warmth, many of our grans’ always have a throw over the back of the sofa. When we think back to childhood experiences with the grandparents, most of us would include laying under that knitted throw. And, blankets, knitted or not, are making a major resurgence in the home. In fact, this is nothing new. Accessories like these have been gaining popularity for years. But, with the current focus on the handmade home, knitted options made especially for the purpose are sure to be a success. Equally, crocheted granny blankets are soaring into the hearts and homes of many. Artisan markets everywhere are touting these wares. Bear in mind, though, that a bought option will set you back into the hundreds because of the time and effort taken. Not to mention that a blanket made by someone else doesn’t quite have the same appeal as one you’ve crafted. So, before you head out to buy, think about whether you could make one of these yourself. Though they do take time and patience, an option such as a granny square blanket can be done in small chunks. You could crochet a granny square a day, and it should only take an hour or so. In no time, you’ll have a finished product your home can be proud of!

Vintage furniture

You may have already noticed how stylish vintage furniture is. While your gran may accidentally be bossing this already, many people go above and beyond to find vintage pieces. In fact, in the last seven years or so, distressed furniture and antique fairs have taken off in a big way. Furniture which may have been considered fit for the scrap heap a few years ago is selling for thousands. Who would have thought?

Adding a few vintage pieces would be the ideal way to compliment that blanket you’re about to slave over. Together, these would create a chintzy, country vibe which is sure to look amazing. If you’re after a home with character, this could be the way to get it. Bear in mind that, as mentioned above, the popularity of these pieces has sent prices through the roof. Rather than breaking the bank on an authentic piece, you could buy one of the many imitation choices out there. You could even set about distressing a piece you already have.

Patterned wallpaper

Let’s be honest; the flowery wallpaper has always been the worst thing about grandma’s home. But, prints are all in at the moment, and flowery choices are all part of that. Designers like Ted Baker have been going mad with floral print in their clothes. And, the style has rubbed off onto our walls. For a good ten years or so, floral feature walls have played a significant part in many modern homes. And, within the chintzy style mentioned above, the more floral prints you use, the better. Bear in mind that less may be more if you’re first starting out here. Try a feature wall in a small room, such as your laundry room, and see how you like it. If that goes down well, you may want to extend the style into other areas of the home. Before you know it, you will have reclaimed those flowery styles, and found a whole new way to bring the outside in.

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