Super Easy Boys Birthday Party Ideas

Super Easy Boys Birthday Party Ideas

If you are organising a boys birthday party then here is the list for you.  17 Bright Ideas for Super Easy Boys Birthday Party Themes that will please all the little fellas.

Construction / Trucks – Black and Gold colour theme.   Fill toys trucks with lollies or buy some cheap hard hats and put kids names on them.  Easy cake for this theme is 2 layers of chocolate cake (top one being smaller then the bottom).  Ice with chocolate icing to look like a construction site.  Decorate with broken Violet Crumbles to look like rocks, and toy trucks and orange witches hats.

Superheros – There is a massive range of printables and ideas for superhero parties.  Here is a great sire for some ideas and printables  Have all the kids come dressed up as their favourite hero or supply cute little capes for them to wear.
Sports  – Get the kids to dress in their favourite teams colours. Add a cake decorated like the child’s favourite sports ball.  Organise sports games for the kids to play – relay races,  mini soccer, dodge ball etc.  Instead of lolly bags why not give each child a small ball to take home.
Race Cars – Collect some large cardboard boxes and some craft supplies and let the kids make their own race cars.  Car cake moulds can easily be found in places such as K-Mart.
Pirates – Grab a few bags of sand from your local hardware / gardening store and hide “treasures” (small toys) in it.  Hand out eye patches to the kids and let them hunt for buried treasure in the sand. 
Lego – Theme your party to your childs favourite type of Lego such as Lego City, Lego Chima, or Star Wars.  Instead one big cake how about small square cakes in Lego colours with Smarties for the knobs.

Jungle – What boy doesn’t love wild animals and a jungle adventure?  This website called Twiggi has some cute stuff for smaller boys, or add a Diego theme if your child is a fan.  
Circus –Hold a fabulous circus themed party at home or if you live in Sydney why not try out The Circus Factory at Hornsby.  Kids can learn some acrobatics, trapeze, plate spinning and hula hooping. 
Magic / Fantasy – Think about top hats, bunnies, black and white colour theme with stars.  You could teach the kids some magic tricks yourself or hire an entertainer. 

Out of this World –Have all the guests come as their favourite “Out of this World” character.  Check out our list of costume ideas on this theme we used for book week.
Dinosaur – If your boy is into Dinosaurs then this is the one for you.  Here are 30 ideas for a kids dinosaur party.

Movie Theme – The list is endless. – Cars, Planes, Smurfs, Star Wars, Transformers, Etc. I would love to have a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Party with loads of different lollies and Mummy can be the crazy Willy Wonka dishing out the sugar! 
Science / Experiments – Grad a few cheap science kits from a store like K- Mart and blow the kids away with some cool experiments.  Here is a great and healthy menu for a kids science party . 
Animals – Love this idea from Zooniversity – hide plastic bugs all over the house and backyard.  Give each child a bug catcher as their party favour and see how many of the bugs they can find!  You can also hire a wildlife expert to come and show some animals.  In lieu of presents you could get donations for a wildlife organisation.
Under The Sea – Nothing says under the sea like water.  This theme is great on those hot summer days.  Let the kids play under the sprinkler or with the hose and buckets.  If you have a pool get a game of “Fish out of water” happening. 
 Monsters / Scary – You can go cute with this theme (cute little coloured monsters) or really scare the life out of your guests with creepy organ music, scary movies, gravestones, spiders and cobwebs.  This type of party best held at night.
Knights – A great party theme if you have boys and girls coming (Knights and Princesses).  I love this cupcake holder in the shape of a castle with turrets from .



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