Surviving Dry July with Fast Ed!

Surviving Dry July with Fast Ed!

I used to like Fast Ed from Better Homes and Garden.  Those quick and easy recipes he does that turn out looking so gourmet.  Well now ….. I LOVE Fast Ed!

fast ed 3IMG_4082


Today Vicki and I spent the morning in a mocktail making class with Fast Ed.  I know – its a hard life sometimes.  But in all fairness the fun did have a serious side – Fast Ed is an ambassador for Dry July – a charity to raise funds to improve the wellbeing of people with cancer.  Essentially you get people to sponsor you to give up alcohol for the month of July.  You can see why learning to make a decent mocktail is  important.

We were given a sobering (probably an appropriate word here) reminder at the start – “Raise your hands if you have an cancer?” he started.  A few did.  “Raise your hands if an immediate family member has had cancer”. A lot more did.  “Raise your hands if anyone in your family has had cancer”. We all did……..

Dry July supports the wellbeing of people with cancer – would you like to sit having chemo for 5 hours in a plastic chair?  No me neither.  They help supply comforts to cancer patients such as wig libraries, alternative therapies and improving the spaces they have treatment in.  Such a worthy cause – no one could argue with that.

So now we were all revved up to raise some money we thought we had better learn some mocktails.     We will be publishing the recipes for you closer to July so you can try them out but they were so amazing that I actually didn’t miss the alcohol.  There were ones using cucumber, mint, bitters, lemon grass, berries, vinegar and the juice from gerkins! Loads were made using sparkly water from a Soda Stream – yeah who doesn’t love those!  Here is a sneak peak of my two favourites:


Strawberries and Lemon go together so well

cocktail 2

Who would have thought cucumbers and rosemary would be a taste sensation!

cocktail 1

So thanks Fast Ed for the awesome mocktails – we love you for your quick and easy meals, and your commitment to helping those with cancer.  You have convinced Vicki and I to join you in Dry July and we will certainly be trying those mocktails.


To join in Dry July or for more information go to Dry

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