Tell Tale Signs – How To Recognise If You Have Pests

Tell Tale Signs – How To Recognise If You Have Pests

Pests. It’s one word, but it makes every single hair on us stand up. They invade our private spaces, bringing with them disease and mess. For a family with little ones, older ones, or any family type – pests must be eradicated as soon as you notice them, with steps taken to mitigate their return. If you are not quite sure about what to look for, read on to learn the tell tale signs of pests.

Pest droppings

Pest droppings are just about as pleasant as they sound. But they do serve one purpose; they are the easiest sign to detect that you have a pest problem. The moment you see them? Contact a professional pest control company to come to your home and start the assessment and permanent eradication. If you notice them in one room, set about inspecting all the remaining rooms of your home to make sure there is no pest droppings in those spaces also.

Signs of nesting

Nesting can sometimes be harder to detect, particularly if your home is a bit chaotic and messy at times. No judgement here, life happens! It might just look like some scraps of paper, but to the trained eye these are pest nests. Pests will typically nest in scraps of paper, leaves and garden clippings. They present as bundles scattered around the inside and outside of your home, and can even be found inside cupboards and under floorboards.

Damage to structures

As if the chance of disease isn’t enough, pests will also damage your physical property. It won’t seem like much to begin with, but the more you investigate the more you will see. Small holes in the floor and walls should be evident with pests, and they will tell you where and how they may be getting in to your residence. Also look for chew and gnaw marks on your wires, furniture and fabric in your home. Where possible, try and keep your bed quilts and couch throws folded on top to eliminate a way for them to get on top of your furniture.


You may not think that noise is a key tell tale sign, but you would be very wrong. It can be hard to sleep when you hear those bumps in the night, but we always seem to chalk it up to wind, neighbours, or something else. The scratching is possibly the worst noise of the lot. Next time you shrug off those unexplained noises, do your due diligence and investigate those noises and find the origin. When you speak with your pest control company, be sure to tell them where you hear the noises so they are looking in every possible affected spaces.

Damage to plants and outdoor dwellings

Our worst nightmare realised is pests in the home. But pests in your outdoor spaces should also be surveyed and avoided with as much vigor and care. If you notice that plants have been chewed or destroyed that is critical evidence that you have a pest problem. In fact, if you act quickly by contacting pest control you may be able to stop the problem before it spreads to the inside of your home. Also note that trees and plants bearing fruit may make you more of a target for pests – these you may want to plant or move further from your home if this is possible.

A pest infestation is something you wouldn’t wish on anyone, but if you can consciously recognise these tell tale signs and put the right steps in place – you will survive the ordeal. In fact you may even put key measures and solutions in place that will mitigate the chance of a future infestation.


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