The Good Word on Gossiping

The Good Word on Gossiping


I am writing this Blog while watching one of my favourite shows “Big Bang Theory”.  Sheldon and Amy are engaging in the ancient art of Gossip for the first time – its hilarious.  It lead me to think – Are their 17 bright ideas why it’s good to gossip?  The answer is probably No.  So lets try 6 bright ideas –   Here I go:


1.     Gossip first meant Godparents or people who spread the word about your family and events.  That doesn’t sound so bad

2.     It keeps us in contact with our friends

3.     It may stop us from doing inappropriate things – the prospect of people talking about us may keep us on the straight and narrow

4.     We all do it – men and women, young and old.  Its part of the human condition.

5.     It gives us information – we learn from stories that go around and we find out what others are doing so we can make decisions about our own actions from the outcomes of others actions

6.     It doesn’t have to be negative information.  Gossip can be positive and caring.  You can spread the word about friend’s achievements, let others know if someone is having a bad time so they can receive more support or share a funny story so everyone can join in the fun.


So bring on the gossip – the sweet kind of course!

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