Things You Didn’t Know Could Be “Smart”

Things You Didn’t Know Could Be “Smart”

Smart home devices can improve the way you work and live in a number of ways. But if you’ve never dived into the world of home automation before – you may be overwhelmed by the amount of products on the market. Here are 17 things that can transform the ordinary appliance into a smart-capable device.

Samsung Family Hub Fridge – With a 21.5 inch touchscreen that lets you check inventory, write a shopping list, order groceries online and even stream music, the Samsung Family Hub will make your kitchen the place to be.

Mr Coffee Smart – Enjoy the perfect cup of coffee on the dot, every time. Use the WeMo™ app to schedule or adjust brew times, set up reminders, check the status or switch off the coffeemaker.

LG TwinWash™ – Being able to do two loads of washing is already amazing. But the TwinWash goes even further. Download the LG Smart Laundry App then use your mobile device to monitor wash cycles, track energy consumption, and even diagnose or troubleshoot issues.

Mitsubishi Electric Signature Series MSZ-EF – Take control of the indoor temperature with remote access anywhere you go. Use your smartphone as a remote device to switch the air conditioner on or off, adjust the temperature, change modes/fan speed/airflow direction, and schedule operating times to suit your daily schedule.

Sonos Wireless Speakers – This pair of wireless speakers can be used as stereo speakers or placed in different rooms to work independently. The Sonos Controller app lets you control the speakers either way. Use the Sonos Controller app to adjust the volume, programme music, play music on favourite streaming service, and play audio from your TV

Google Nest Learning Thermostat – A smart thermostat that learns from your habits and automates the temperature for you. Simply install and adjust the temperature to your liking for one week. Afterwards, the Nest will mimic your daily habits and change the temperature on its own each day. It also has an inbuilt sensor that switches to an eco-temperature when you’re not home.

Panasonic KX-HN6031 Home Alert Kit – This all-in-one smart security kit comes with an indoor and outdoor camera, cordless handset, motion sensor and two window/door sensors. Using a smartphone or tablet, you can monitor each device and receive security alerts when you’re away.

August Smart Lock – An interior add-on for your current deadlock that transforms your smartphone into a key. You can create ‘virtual keys’ for family and guests, grant access at precise time periods, and monitor entry/exit logs from your device. The August Smart Lock can also lock after you leave, and unlock itself as you walk towards the door.

Philips Hue Smart Lighting – A wireless lighting system that comes with smart lightbulbs and a central hub. Use your smartphone to interact with the hub then switch the lights on or off, dim or change their colour. The Philips Hue can support up to 50 lightbulbs, and be formed into groups to control multiple bulbs at once.

Belkin WeMo Insight Switch – A ‘smart’ plug that does more than just power your ordinary devices or appliances. Using the WeMo™ app on your mobile device, you can monitor the power outlet to view energy usage, power draw and running costs.

Nest Protector – Keep your home safe with a smart smoke detector. Ideal for when you’re in a different room or away from the house. The Nest Protector can detect smoke or carbon monoxide, then emit a loud signal and send an alert to your mobile device.

Lutron Serena Smart Shades – These smart shades can be operated from anywhere in the home. Integrate with your Apple HomeKit and use your smartphone to open or close the shades, and set up timed scenes to block or let sunlight through at different times of the day.

WeMo Baby Monitor – This handy device comes with a 3-megapixel camera to keep a close eye on your loved one. You can use the WeMo™ app to view the smart camera on your mobile device at any time.

Google Cloud Print – An online platform that’s ideal for the office space. Create an account and connect multiple printers to your profile, share printers, and use a smartphone to print when you’re on-the-go.

Twine – A small central hub that can be placed anywhere to monitor the little things like temperature, vibrations and room orientation. Receive alerts via SMS, email or social media if the room conditions change. Plus, you can install extra sensors to detect floods, leaks and doors left open.

Plantlink – Do you often forget to water your plants? Plantlink is a smart sensor that can be customised to monitor the moisture level for a variety of plants. When the moisture level drops below a certain amount, you’ll receive a reminder telling you to water the plant.

Revolv Hub –The Revolve Hub lets you issue voice commands to all your smart devices, program devices to talk to each other and set up scenes… all through one central hub. With a regular stream of automatic firmware updates, the range of devices you can add to the Revolv Hub is always going up.



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