17 Things To Improve Your Mood This Winter

17 Things To Improve Your Mood This Winter

Yes, there are lots of little things that can improve your mood. When the weather gets colder and wetter, you can feel down and sluggish but it doesn’t need to be that way. Here are 17 things to improve your mood this winter and give you a quick injection of energy to help you power through the next few colder months:

Get your handbag organized – How good do you feel when you buy a new handbag? Just shopping for a new bag can help lift your mood. Seach Sambag for the latest winter looks and find a bag you will love. The other great part of getting a new bag is that you can clean out your old bag, throw away all those old receipts, find that lost lipstick and feel good that you are once again organised and ready to face the week ahead.

Motivate yourself – If you really want to get some positivity back into your life, get it in writing. A framed print of your motivation saying will help you to stay focussed on what you want and keep your feeling more positive. It will also look great – another thing to feel good about.

Find the perfect LBD – One of the best things to improve your mood this winter would have to be looking good! Finding the perfect Little Black Dress can be just what you need to pick you up. An LBD can take you from work to evening, school pick-up to dance class drop off in an instant. Keep a few accessories in your bag to dress up or down the perfect LBD. The Iconic have a great range of clothing so you’ll be sure to find something there to make you feel great.

Eat better to increase your vitality – Get more vitality into your life by eating better. Why not try the Changing Habits 21 Day Reset to give your body the boost it needs to get through winter. You’ll feel better and your body will thank you for it.

Start walking – Try to get yourself off the couch and walking for at least 10 minutes twice a day. Walk with purpose and get some fresh air and you’ll really feel the benefits not only to your fitness but also to your mood. Buy yourself some new trainers to get yourself excited about your new challenge.

Clean your home without chemicals – Give the chemicals the flick and get cleaning without chemicals. Enjo have a big range of cleaning products that are not only gentle on the environment but gentle on you too (but still tough on dirt and grime). You’ll feel good when your home is clean and you’ll feel better without all those fumes and chemicals.

Wash your face – Start the morning off in the right way and wash your face. Using products with natural ingredients, like those from 100% Pure facial cleansers you’ll get no synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colours, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins. You’ll feel fresh and confident to start your day.

Start weighing things up – Incorporating weights into your daily routing has a multitude of health benefits, one of which may be helping to fight depression. Pick up some light hand dumbbells to start and do some arm curls every day to lift your mood and tone your arms.

Get out into the sun – It is very important to get enough Vitamin D everyday and the best way to do this is get some sunshine. If you can, get out into your backyard or a near by park every day and catch some rays. Make an effort to go outside of your work build too. If you can get into your own backyard, buy yourself a nice lawn chair and make your moment in the sun a relaxing one. 

Get a new frying pan – What does your current frypan look like? There is something about cooking something in a new pan. Throw away your old crusty frypan and invest in one that will get you through winter and beyond. Check out our recipe section and lists for some great winter recipes that will put a smile on your face.

Colour your cheeks – One key to improving your mood over winter is to look your best. To get a great glow on your face, look at make-up to help you along. Why not pick up a blush or cheek tint that will give you that hint of colour. Avoid make-up with synthetic chemicals and harsh detergents and use 100% Pure fruit pigment colour. That is sure to improve your mood on a cold winter day. 

Brush your teeth better – That minty taste from the toothpaste will give you a great boost in the morning but why not get yourself an electric toothbrush to really boost the clean factor.

Make sure you’re on time – Nothing can help bring down your mood than feeling like you are going to be late for an appointment or special event. Feeling stress and flustered can be avoided by being more organised and having a watch on your wrist that you can refer to at any moment. Buy a new watch, stay on top of things and feel so much better.

Dress for success – Now that we are walking and doing weights we need to make sure we put our best foot forward and look the part. Buying some new exercise clothing can make you feel more motivated and less stressed about what others might be thinking (when you show up at the park in droopy trackie pants and your old Ratcat t-shirt. Buy yourself some colourful, well fitted activeware and hold your head high and proud.

Find yourself a great pair of winter boots – Just like Nancy Sinatra said…”These boots are made for walking”. Finding great, comfortable boots to wear this winter will help to give you a spring in your step and make you feel great. Styletread has a huge range of boots and there is sure to be something for everyone.

Make every step count – 10,000 seems to be the number of steps you need to take everyday to get you into shape. The only way to know how many steps you are taking is get to yourself a counter and these days they can do so much more. Get with the group and buy yourself a smart watch. Also, you don’t need to spend a fortune just get what you think looks good.

Get more fruit & veg into you – We all know that we need to consume 5 vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit each day to keep us healthy. Fruit and veggies are filled with antioxidants and vitamins that really do improve your mood. Why not get yourself a juicer to make it easier to get more fruit and veg into your diet. Take a look at this great recipe for a Hawaiian Dream Juice  that will boost your mood and make you feel like it’s summer again.

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