6 Things You ‘Heard Wrong’ About Supplements…

6 Things You ‘Heard Wrong’ About Supplements…

6 Things You ‘Heard Wrong’ About Supplements…

On our blog, you will always find lots of positive ideas about health and fitness. However sometimes to reach the positive, you have to first dispel the negative concepts and this is certainly true when it comes to health supplements. There are a lot of misinformed ideas about health supplements and we are going to address 6 things you ‘heard wrong’ about supplements.


Q. “I’ve heard they work as a placebo?”

A. You might have heard that some medicine will have a placebo effect. What does this mean? Well, the medicine contains nothing that will actually benefit the body but because people believe it will, they see a short-term benefit. This is, however, not what happens with reputable health supplements. Health supplements often contain vitamins, minerals and nutrients that have been proven in science to have a positive impact on the body. You can learn more about placebo effects on https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/.


Q. “Someone told me they’re All dangerous, is this true?”

A. If you have frequented blogs set up for scaremongering, you might have come across stories about health supplements being dangerous. These stories usually refer to supplements that have not been government approved and therefore, are untested. It is important to be aware that most health supplements only contain natural ingredients and tend to include things that you would find in typical healthy food. Remember to always purchase your supplements from a reputable outlet such as a pharmacy and speak to your GP before you take any supplements to help you feel more secure.


Q. “My neighbour is sure they can’t be natural can they?”

A. We’ve already touched on this idea but looking at it in a little more detail, it is worth pointing out that while health supplements can include artificial materials, most of them are made of completely natural ingredients. Supplements that can be found on sites like https://www.kyaniteamgenesis.com.au/ are based on nutrients and vitamins that people would get from their five a day. This is the main reason for taking supplements in the first place. It is just about making sure that you get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs that are sometimes missed out of the daily meal plan.


Q. “Can they be beneficial by themselves because my friend told me that’s all I need?”

A. You might think that if you take enough supplements, you don’t need to worry about diet or exercise, but this is not true. These supplements are supposed to be add-ons, providing additional benefits rather than giving you all you need to stay healthy. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables and protein should help you get much of what you need.


Q.” My cousin told me I shouldn’t take supplements as they add nothing I don’t already have?”

A. People often avoid taking supplements because they think that they get everything their body needs anyway, but you might be surprised. Supplements can often contain the minerals and vitamins that are referred to as antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the body against oxygenation. This is a chemical process that has been linked to many ailments. Since there are so many different vitamins that your body needs it is virtually impossible to get the right amount your body needs without relying on a few supplements, especially in our very busy and hectic world.


Q. “They’re expensive, my mum told me to save my money, is that true?”

A. Last but not least, people often think that supplements are going to be expensive, but if you shop around of good prices, they can be totally affordable and are certainly worth the cost.


We hope this helps dispel some of the misconceptions surrounding health supplements and ensure that you aren’t bogged down by negative ideas next time you think about using them yourself. Our best advice is to speak with your GP or Accredited Dietician about your supplement requirements. 

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