Thinking about Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Brisbane? Read This!

Thinking about Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Brisbane? Read This!

Once the baby teeth start falling out at the age of six or seven years, the adult teeth start erupting in the mouth of a person. These adult teeth or permanent teeth replace the fallen-out baby teeth one by one. By the time the child reaches 12 years of age, all their baby teeth are gone.

People get all the permanent teeth, by the time they become teenagers. From all the permanent teeth, the wisdom teeth come in last. More often than not, wisdom teeth become the cause of pain. So, dentists recommend the patients to get those removed. However, wisdom teeth removal cost Brisbane scares the patients. The thought that the cost of the procedure would be too high is quite common. People feel hesitant in approaching the dentists for enquiring about the treatment. Delay in the extraction of wisdom tooth can lead to further complications. Putting your dental health at risk and living an uncomfortable life for saving some money is not correct.

Therefore, we have addressed the fear of the people regarding the cost of wisdom teeth removal in this article. We have also explained wisdom teeth and the reasons for pain caused by them. Continue reading further to get some useful information.

What Exactly is Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom teeth are the third and last set of molars to grow on each side of both jaws, mostly during late teen years or early twenties. So, many people have four wisdom teeth. Some people have less than four wisdom teeth as well. Most of the time, wisdom teeth don’t get enough space for developing fully. The reason attributing to this fact is that they erupt at the back of the mouth.

Due to not getting the required amount of space, they grow up to be poorly aligned. Angled inward, angled outward, and horizontally positioned are some of the instances of misaligned wisdom teeth. Such wisdom teeth can provide harm to surrounding teeth and jawbone.

How is Wisdom Tooth Harmful?

Improperly aligned wisdom teeth, which are also known as impacted wisdom teeth, get stuck under the surface of your gums. So, they can put stress on the neighbouring teeth. They can cause a lot of pain, tenderness, and damage. Partially erupted wisdom teeth lead to the entry of bacteria, and thereby, an infection. This infection can become a reason for pain, swelling, discomfort, and dental complications.

As such wisdom teeth are difficult to clean owing to their location and positioning, they become susceptible to decaying and gum disease. An impacted wisdom tooth can also lead to redness of the gums, bad breath, and other issues. A point worth mentioning here is that not everyone grows wisdom tooth. Many people never experience wisdom teeth erupting in their mouth.

Why to Remove Wisdom Tooth?

People whose wisdom teeth are properly aligned, and thereby, not causing any problem, don’t need to go through any treatment. But people, whose wisdom teeth are misaligned, should get the same removed with the help of a trusted dentist or an oral surgeon.

Usually, the dentist finds out about the presence and positioning of wisdom teeth by taking X-rays. The procedure of wisdom tooth extraction depends on various factors, such as the position of the tooth and whether the tooth has erupted fully or not. Removing a fully erupted wisdom tooth is easier as compared to a wisdom tooth that is embedded in the jawbone.

If not removed on time, wisdom tooth can lead to severe dental issues and physical illnesses. The pain and discomfort caused by wisdom teeth can get aggravated over time. You will face trouble in performing normal routine activities, like chewing, talking, smiling, and laughing. You should not worry about the cost of wisdom tooth extraction as many dentists offer affordable services. You can discuss the cost beforehand to make an informed decision.


Wisdom teeth are not necessary for maintaining oral health or dental appearance. So, if you are having a tough time because of them, it’s best to get them removed. Whenever you encounter pain, swelling or any other dental problem, you should consult a dentist instead of taking over-the-counter medicines. You never know the problem might have occurred due to wisdom tooth.

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