Thinking of a Holiday?

Thinking of a Holiday?

With the End of Term 3 upon us those wonderful Summer holidays seem well within reach.  However organising a holidays and everything else that’s involved can be time consuming so 17Bright Ideas are here to help.  If you want to know where to go, what to take or how to lose weight before a holiday then we have all the bright ideas for you:


Where to go on Holidays is the easy way to search and book your next holiday.  Its so simple to use and saves you valuable time. TRY IT OUT NOW . Also we have loads of lists to help you choose the best holiday destination for you and your family.  A few of our favourites are:

17 Bright Ideas for Byron Bay

17 Bright ideas for Queensland

17 Bright Ideas Weekends Away NSW

17 Bright Ideas Tasmania


Lose Weight Before a Holiday

Apparently 2/3 of all women go on a diet before going on holidays!  That is a staggering statistic.  If you are looking to shed a few kilos before hitting the beach then here are our bright ideas:

Weight Watchers – we love Weight Watchers and we have both had success on the program.  Its a sensible way to lose weight before a holiday and they have some great deals at the moment – see


We also have some fabulous list to help you:

17 Bright Ideas to Lose Weight Before Holiday Time

17 Bright Ideas to help busy Mums lose weight

17 Bright Ideas to consider before starting a weight loss program


Other Holiday Bright Ideas

Other things you might not have thought of include:

17 Bright Ideas to Stay Safe at the Beach

17 Bright Ideas for Spring / Summer Hair Care



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