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Three Alternatives To Trendy Art Prints Which Are Sure To Look Better In Your Home

Posted November 30, 2018 by Sue Prichard

There’s a focus on hanging trendy art prints in modern decor. Whether you rest them on your floors or place them in frames; you may feel the need to allow for art somewhere. It’s the ‘done’ thing. Let’s be honest; blank walls don’t exactly add to that homely vibe. The problem is, you head into your local gallery like a fish out of water. Despite the insistence that this is art, you can’t help but see formless splashes of a colour on white backgrounds. Plus, the things have price tags large enough to leave you bankrupt.

Still, you’ve gritted your teeth and paid for endless pieces in an attempt to get the home you want. If it makes your house look as good as all those on Instagram, it’s worth it. The trouble is, your attempts never look just right. Those art prints continue to look like a load of rubbish, and they start to grate on you after a while.

You aren’t alone. Many people try to make art work, but, it clearly isn’t happening. That’s why we think you should consider the following three alternatives which could finally make your house feel like your home.

Replace prints with photographs

If art isn’t hitting the spot, why not try photographs instead? This is fantastic way to inject personality into your decor. It also ensures you enjoy looking at what’s on your walls. You clearly can’t say the same for art you’ve bought thus far. How you go about incorporating snaps is up to you. You might want to go all out with a collage. Or, you may want to book up for a family photography shoot and frame the results. You could even lean snaps against the wall like you’ve seen them do on your Instagram. Instantly, something like this will make the place feel more complete than those heartless art pieces ever did.

Use your kids as artists

Another fantastic option would be to frame and hang artistic creations by your kids. Let’s face it; kiddy paintings sometimes look better than art which sells for millions, This also has the benefit of bringing that personal touch of fun. Who knows; seeing their early attempts on display could see you with budding artists in the house in no time. At the very least, this will provide you with wall decor which never fails to put a smile on your face.

Made by Mum

If your kids don’t fancy getting handy with paint, you could try your hand at creating something for this. This is even possible if you aren’t skilled with paints. You could get stuck into cross-stitch, or even have fun with dried leaves and flowers. You may be surprised by how pretty the results of experiments like these can be. It might not be the newest trend in contemporary art, but it’s something with personal meaning to you. That guarantees that you’ll want to keep this around for a lot longer than a print you don’t understand.

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