Great Gift Ideas for Dad this Father’s Day

Great Gift Ideas for Dad this Father’s Day

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  • September 1st is Father’s Day in Australia. Finding the right gift for Father’s Day can sometimes be harder than it looks. What ever Dad needs, he buys. So we have compiled a list of 17 bright ideas for Father’s Day gifts that Dad may not have bought already and he might love. We’ve got some ideas for sporty dads, foodie dads, musical dads and dads who have everything. Let us know what other great Father’s Day gift ideas you will be giving to Dad this year.

Personalised Number Plates – How much would your dad love ‘#1 Dad‘ on his car? You can choose to put on a special name or nickname on your Dad’s number plate or just go for a cool coloured plate. For more information on prices and options, visit the RTA website in your state.  If Dad is a car lover, we have a whole list of ideas for him, just click here.

Stadium Tour – It’s one thing to go to a game but seeing what happened behind the scenes can be just as exciting. The MCG, SCG, WACA and ANZ (Olympic) Stadium all have Ground and Museum Tours that Dad will love if he is a sportsman. Why not go with him and enjoy the excitement and learn a few things.

BBQ Cooking Course – Even if your dad thinks he know everything there is to know about the BBQ, a course might teach him a new trick or two. My kids gave this gift last Father’s Day and my husband really loved learning how to cook seafood, a great steak and even a dessert. He did a Beer and BBQ course in Centennial Park in Sydney and the whole family has benefited. Bar-Be School have locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Hunter Valley.

Electronic Gas BBQ Scales – I have many memories as a child of dinners that had to be delayed due to the fact that my Dad would run out of gas for the BBQ. If only I had seen this great gadget. These electronic scales are put under a gas bottle and let you know when the cylinder is empty so Dad will never have to find a gas station during Christmas lunch.

Good Food Guide – This is a great gift for Dad if he loves to eat out. Both The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald produce guides for under $20 making this a good gift if you are on a budget and you might get to eat out more often as a result.

Skincare – More and more men are learning to take care of their skin so why not get them a great skincare kit with a cleanser, moisturiser or a great shaving cream. Check our Kiehls, LAB Series which are both available from major department stores and online or check out the mens skincare range from L’Oreal or Nivea in supermarkets.

Tie Case – If your Father wears ties to work then don’t just give him another tie, instead give him a tie case to store all of the ties you have given him for previous Father’s Day gifts. Peters of Kensington has two options: The large Renzo Tie and Cufflink case for $465 which is made from leather and will hold a number of ties; or the Philippi Tie case for $22 and holds just one tie but is great for keeping in the briefcase.

An Akubra – This Aussie icon is a great gift for the Dad who has everything else. They come in a number of different styles and colours so check out which one would suit your dad and keep him safe from the sun while he mows the lawn, takes you to the park and the beach or reads the paper in the backyard.

Art – You can spend as much or as little as you like here. Sometimes the most treasured gift for Dad can be a beautifully framed piece of artwork. Why not buy a frame with a 2 spaces and combine an art piece with a photo. If you are beyond the DIY stage and would like to get Dad something more sophisticated, Picture Store has a huge array or art to chose from and they deliver.

Darth Vader & Son/Vader’s Little Princess – These two books will be much appreciated by any Star Wars fan. They follow the trials and tribulations of Dad (Darth Vader) raising a son (Luke) and daughter (Leia). These cartoon style books by Jeffery Brown are available on and look very funny – even Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith has problems putting his kids to bed!

Whiskey Stones – If Dad, or Grand Dad, likes to drink a glass of whiskey at the end of a great dinner why not get this great gift set which includes two whiskey glasses and six whiskey stones which are used instead of ice. They keep Dad’s drink at 50 degrees, unlike ice which can make the drink too cold and water it down.

Noughts and Crosses – Why not get Dad something that the whole family can enjoy like a giant noughts and crosses game, like the one from This is a gift that will get the whole family involved and can be played outdoors so its great for summer BBQs or camping trips. There are a few other outdoor games available at Yard Games so check it out if noughts and crosses isn’t Dad’s favourite.

Super Hero Pack from Unicef Maybe your Dad has everything he needs so why not buy a Super Hero pack from Unicef this Fathers Day. You can buy 200 polio vaccines, 12 footballs or 500 pencils for kids around the world who need them desperately and Dad gets a great card and feels great that he has raised caring and socially responsible children. Prices start from $13 so it’s great for all budgets.

Showerhead + Wireless Speaker – Maybe this will just encourage Dad to stay in the shower even longer but he is going to love Kohler’s new “Moxie” showerhead that has a built in speaker that plays music from a smartphone via Bluetooth into your shower. On top of that, it has 60 angled nozzles and helps to save water. Take a look at for this great gift for Dad.

70’s Collection CD – Does your Dad like to listen to ABBA, John Denver, Bonny M or Captain and Tennille? Ray Hadley, the morning presenter on 2GB in Sydney has released a great compilation CD jam packed with songs from the 70’s. It has over 40 songs older Dads will know and love to play in the car (really loudly!). Best part of all is, all proceeds from the sale of the CD will be donated to Professor Dominic Rowe as he continues his fight against Motor Neurone Disease. You can buy it from the 2GB shop or any Sanity store.

Pizza Making Hamper – If Dad loves to cook then maybe this is the gift for him and I am sure Mum will love it too! You get everything Dad will need to make great pizzas, including a pizza oven to cook the pizza in, a bottle or red wine to enjoy with the pizza and delivered to your door. I can smell the pizza already. Visit Rainbow Designs to see what else you get.

Reclaimed Fire Hose Overnight Bag – If Dad travels a bit or needs a great bag for work or the gym, take a look at this super cool overnight bag from Elvis & Kresse. It is actually made from  is made from genuine decommissioned fire-hose and a has a reclaimed military-grade parachute silk lining. Your dad’s new bag could have been fighting fires in the UK and no two bags will be exactly the same. You can also pick up a wash bag or a belt if you have a smaller budget, available from


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