Tips for Babies with Separation Anxiety

Tips for Babies with Separation Anxiety

There is going to come the day when you need to leave your baby with a relative, friend, or childminder. After all, you’re going to have to return to work sooner or later! And your partner might not be able to take time away from their job just so one of you can be there for the baby. Thankfully, most close friends and relatives will be happy to look after the little one while you and your partner are busy. This may work out great for you, but your baby might not see it through the same rose-tinted glasses! In fact, some babies don’t deal with being away from their parents well at all at first and might even suffer from separation anxiety.

To help you baby get over this separation anxiety, you just need to follow these great top tips.

Leave Them With Familiar Faces

It’s a good idea to leave your baby with someone who he or she knows. This can significantly help reduce their anxiety as they won’t be left with total strangers! This shouldn’t be a problem if you leave them with a relative or a friend. However, if you need to hire a babysitter or childminder, your baby might not be so familiar with them. One way to get around this is to arrange for the childminder to come and visit at a time when you and your partner are both present. This will give your baby the chance to get to know them.

Leave Something Comforting For Them

Some parents like to leave something to comfort their baby. This could be a blanket or an old t-shirt that has their scent on it. Some babies might also be comforted by their favorite soft toy. You can also now buy baby muslin wraps that can help relax babies once they are wrapped up in them. Whoever is looking after your child can then comfort them with whichever item you leave behind for your baby. Placing the item in the cot will also help them relax and fall asleep a lot quicker, especially when they can’t get a cuddle from mom!

Let Them Get Comfortable

If you are taking your baby around to a friend or relative’s house, then you should give them time to get comfortable and used to the new surroundings before you leave. It’s a good idea to stay with them for about half an hour. This gives them the chance to see who they will be staying with and helps them settle in.


Always Say Good Bye

Some parents think that they should sneak away while their baby isn’t watching, but this can be a bad idea. It’s always necessary saying good bye and letting your baby know that you are about to leave. That way, they won’t get too distressed when they realize you have gone!

It can take time to help a baby overcome separation anxiety but, hopefully, all of these great tips can help them feel a lot more relaxed when you aren’t by their side.

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