Tips for Choosing the Best Panel Beater

Tips for Choosing the Best Panel Beater

As the years go by, you’re bound to need bodywork done to your car to restore it back to pristine condition, replacing worn out parts and refurbishing some dents. Sometimes, you would also need work done if you’ve been in an accident. In these cases, you would definitely need to look for trusted, professional panel beaters. 

We say trusted because it is essential that you find a team of reliable and experienced panel beaters who specialise in auto-body work and are able to deliver a high standard of work in a specified timeframe. You want your car in its best condition or you could be at risk.

When looking for a panel beater, there are various factors that you should consider to ensure you hire the best professionals to repair your car. Here are some of them:

1. Vehicle Type Specialisation

Depending on the structure of your car, requirements may vary. Look for a professional that specialises in the make and model of your vehicle. It’s important that they have access to the various parts needed to repair your car model. 

Vehicle models that are German, American, and Japanese are all structured differently whereas vintage cars would need a different type of work process to achieve a factory finish. This is why it’s imperative you double check the previous work to ensure they have the skillset needed to repair your car. 

2. Professional Work Environment

You should also check in on workshops and premises to see if their equipment is in good condition. Make sure it’s modern, cleaned well, and up-to-date. This says a lot about their priorities towards auto-body repairs. 

For example, experts at share that if your car would require paintwork, ensure that they are equipped with modern painting equipment, protected cubicles for spray painting, proper drying machines, spray gun nozzles and even their own paint mixing area. 

3. A Good Reputation

Word of mouth does an amazing job of convincing, and is oftentimes honest and unbiased. Try asking family and friends for a recommendation. Even if you find a popular repair that is always busy, you can sleep well knowing that this is a sign that they are a reputable business. From there, you can ask the repairers about what type of work would be needed for your car. This gives you a clearer idea of the timeline and how long your vehicle will be out of action. 

4. Verify Experience 

Don’t forget to double check licenses, accreditations and discuss the amount of experience your prospective repairer has. You should be able to see the latest certifications and qualifications from reputable automobile companies after visiting their workshop. It also helps that the company has a membership in other professional automobile organisations, this means that they conform to the codes of conduct implemented by these organisations.

5. Read the guarantees

Always read the paperwork, this is to verify any clauses in the work they guarantee, also informing you if your repair work will be claimed on insurance. This also helps you know if they are honest with their work and are keen to protect their reputation.

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