Tips For Creating Space For Storage In Your Bedroom

Tips For Creating Space For Storage In Your Bedroom

We should make the most of what we have, and if we are honest, that is what life is all about really, right?

When it comes to bedrooms, people have varying choices and tastes. Some prefer a bedroom that stretches out far and wide while some feel comfier with compact and cozy ones. With large bedrooms, storage is barely an issue because of all the space, but things get a tad bit complicated when it comes to smaller ones. To create that perfect and stylish space, you need to maximize your storage options and utilize every corner efficiently, especially if you are dealing with a small bedroom. For starters, bed drawers can be a good way to get rid off the unnecessary clutter lying here and there.

Making space for storage in your bedroom can be quite a daunting task for conventional homeowners. But worry not, we have rounded up some tips and tricks through which you can easily overcome all storage-related issues. Without any further ado, here are some essential ideas on how to store your essentials even in the smallest of bedrooms.

Wall Utilisation

When it comes to storage, frequently people forget about the walls. You will be flabbergasted by the amount of utility a wall can provide. A lot of space can be reclaimed from the walls of your bedroom. The options are limitless, and you can replace regular shelves with built-in shelves which are ideal for bedrooms that have little to no space available for storage. This way, you can easily place your essentials such as decoration pieces, jewelry or even cosmetic items without eliminating any floor space. Additionally, you do not need to worry about the shelves falling or you bumping into them.

Over Door Shelf

The main problem with small bedrooms is that you do not have the advantage of extra storage space that you get with bigger bedrooms. So, to compensate for the lack of space, you might try something such as an overdoor shelf for additional storage. If you do not have space on the floor, shift it to the walls. You do not need to worry about the looks either when it comes to these types of shelves either because it will not be catching anyone’s sight that easy.

Supplement a Sliding Door Wardrobe

This type of wardrobes is the kings when it comes to style as well as privacy and organization. It can feature various shelves, pull out drawers etc. If you are running low on floor space, this wardrobe is the perfect alternative to a closet. Adjust it in your bedroom, and all your essentials will remain safe and hidden.

Make Use Of Headboards

Not only do headboards provide cool aesthetics, but they can also serve as additional storage spaces. It is an ideal option to place your essentials such as books, decoration pieces on these headboards. They can also serve as a resting place for all the clutter lying in your bedroom.

Reorganize The Storage Space

It is probably not the feasible thing to do if you are running on a tight schedule, but If you want to maximize your storage, you might consider dedicating a few hours to this. Try cleaning your floor and mount some cubbies on the walls. Its kind of a visual trick and makes your bedroom appear larger than it usually is. Try grouping all the items that you use on a daily purpose inboxes. You can also try combining storage cubes to gain some additional storage space. Folding your cloths properly and using bed drawers and dividers will net you the extra space you need.

Create Attic Space

Attics are probably the best storage space, and people often overshadow their utility. But if you are serious about creating a lot of space in your tiny bedroom, you might want to consider going down this route. Yes, they are at times difficult to access, but you can overcome this problem if you make them more accessible by installing a door with a drop-down ladder in your bedroom.

Double Deck Beds

If you plan on housing more than two kids in a single bedroom and the space is scarce, placing two beds seem impossible. In situations like these double-deck beds are the way to go. This way, you can free up extra space for storage in a rather small bedroom.

Utilize The Full Potential Of A Bedside Table

Bedside tables come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small (but can take more floor space) and provide some cool aesthetics, but they fall short when it comes to storage space. A bedside table can be a viable option to store a wide range of essentials so go for a bedside table that maximizes storage space. By maximizing storage space, we mean the one that comes with shelves and drawers or both.

Under Bed Storage

The area under your bed can serve as a huge storage space, but unfortunately, it is mostly ignored by the homeowners. You can essentially store anything you want under your bed and keep it hidden from sight. The only prerequisite is that they should be low enough to fit under the bed. Therefore, the custom ones are best for this purpose.

Bed Drawers

You can also opt for bed drawers as they offer optimal storage spaces. Depending on your bed frame, you can get quite a few bed drawers for storing various stuff such as clothing, blankets or anything that can easily fit in. They are the perfect alternative to a dresser, especially if you are dealing with a small bedroom.

Practical Hooks Might Come In Handy

Hooks can give you the additional storage space you need for a tiny bedroom. You can add hooks behind your door or in your wardrobe for hanging clothes and stuff and keep them out of sight. You can opt for the cute ones that can serve as a decorative feature as well as storage space for items such as your jewelry.

Floating Shelves

The key to maximizing storage space in your bedroom is to make the most of every inch you have. Floating shelves allow you to do exactly that. They can also be used as an alternative to bedside tables if you are running out of floor space.

To Sum It All Up…

In a small bedroom, you need to make the most of what you have to maximize storage space. This can be a frustrating experience, to say the least, if you do not have any clue on how to utilize smaller places. You do not need to fret though cause The tips and tricks discussed above are sure to come in handy.

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