Tips for Photographing Children

Tips for Photographing Children

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
- Aaron Siskind (

Capturing the beauty of your children in photos is one of the great joys of being a parent.  If you want some tips on improving your family photography then look no further.

Choose solid, neutral colours – Patterns can be distorted in photographs and stripes can look blurry.

Choose colours that suit your child – some colours will highlight your child’s natural beauty and will work better with their hair colour.  Green looks amazing on people with red hair, ash blonds suit soft white, light grey or taupe, pinks and sky-blue, warm blondes suit greens, aqua, cream and gold.   Brunettes suit olive green, and fiery colours.  Photographing a baby without hair – they look super cute in anything!

Don’t say “Cheese” – All you will get is a silly grin on the kids face, or it buried into someone’s leg.  Much better to try and get a real smile, or just a natural looking shot.

Get out and about – Kids feel relaxed and will show their playful side in places like the park, beach or the backyard.   Get the kids to run wild and see what creative shots you can get.  The natural light will improve your photos also.

You don’t always have to show their face – Photos of them with their back turned, side on or looking down can look fantastic and “arty”.

Use props – This will add a point of detail to the image but also help keep your child relaxed and interested.  Try bubbles, a toy, dress up costume, bike, ball or sporting equipment.  You could also try something natural such as a flower, water, stones, sand etc.

Shoot overhead or at their level – Getting they angle right can make a huge difference and create some interest.  Most people don’t photograph well when taken from below.


Give them something interesting to do – Your photos will look more natural, and your children more relaxed if they have something to do.  Examples could be – painting, making a sandcastle, running, climbing, exploring, doing kart wheels etc.

Be quick – The kids will probably loose patience with you if you take to long.  Lets face it they would rather be playing with you rather than you taking photos of them.  Also you have to be quick to get a great shot so just keep shooting.  With digital you can just delete the excess anyway.  If you can set your camera to the setting for sports photos to catch all the action.

Make it Fun.  The more fun it is the more the kids will smile, the more natural looking the photos will be and the better memories you will create.  Be a bit silly.  Talk a lot, clown around and play with them.

Say you are putting away the camera – if they have really stiffened up and are shying away from you say you are putting the camera away.  The best photos might come directly after.

Experiment with colour, black and white and sepia – have a look on the web for some photos that you really like and try to see what style of photos they are.  What colours do they use, what backgrounds and settings.

iPhone -If using an iPhone or similar put your finger on the shutter release button before framing the shot. This will save you time finding it. You don’t take the picture until your finger comes off.


Try out some photographic apps – Here is a great article on the best iphone photo apps .Apps will allow you to add text to photos, edit your photos, store them, reference them and “Photoshop” them.


Get Great Light – Natural light usually works best so go outside or work near a window.  If using artificial lighting get as close to the light source as you can.

Try the Classics – Classic photo poses do stand the test of time.  Naked babies on rugs, toddlers over someone’s shoulder, children running in the park – you cant really go to far wrong.

Invest in a Professional – Nothing beats the detailed eye and creativity of a seasoned professional.  We love Cara Loren the Sydney Lifestyle Photographer.  She takes the most beautiful and candid images of her subject’s young and old, and her passion shines out in her heart-warming work.


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