17 Bright Ideas For Tips For Selling Your House

17 Bright Ideas For Tips For Selling Your House

Everyone wants to get the most they can when they are selling. Sometime, you need to put a little effort and preparation in to getting your house ready before you put it on the market. Here are 17 bright ideas to help you get the maximum for your property without spending a fortune:

Make sure the house is clean – This might sound obvious but not always done. Buyers need to fall in love with your house to want to buy it. Pay particular attention to the bathroom, kitchen and floors. If one of the houses selling points is a view, make sure the windows are also clean.

Get the right real estate agent – Do some research in your area. Get at least 3 agents to give you a valuation. Ask about their fees and what strategy they would use to sell your house and ask them questions about their past sales and their understanding of the market and your area. The more you know about them, the better choice you can make.

Do research to get the right price and be realistic – Before you put your house on the market, see what other homes in the area are selling for. Visit other open homes to see what your competition is like. You can also download apps to keep an eye on the market. (Domain & Real Estate). There are also companies that can give you reports to help you understand the potential value of the property as well as the value of your area. You may think your property is worth $1,000,000 but if no other home in your street has ever sold for that amount, you need to make sure your home is really better than other homes in your street.

Clean up the garden including mowing lawns, sweeping pathways and weeding garden beds – Make sure any decks are clean and freshly stained, pools are clean and outdoor furniture looks good. Also, if your budget can stretch that far, give the garden some colour with inexpensive flowers and update your letterbox (where possible) and have the lawn at its best. Curb appeal can add value to your property.

Fix any little jobs you haven’t gotten around to doing – Fix dripping taps, cracks in walls, doors that squeak, paint any unpainted areas etc. Buyers see all the little things and can be put off if they think they will have to do too much work once they own the place.

Declutter – Remove as many items as you can to give your home that Show Home look. It might be a little inconvenient to remove most of the kids’ toys or that extra couch but this helps to make your home look bigger and ultimately more appealing to buyers.  Ornaments, collectables and photos can easily be stored and it makes your house much easier for you to dust before an open house.

Fresh paint – Clean, freshly painted walls can make a real impact. Be sure to use neutral colours to appeal to most people. You might love bright orange, but most people don’t.

Paint all the walls the same colour – This can make your house look bigger by tricking they eye into thinking it is looking at one long wall rather than two small rooms, for example.

Make your house smell nice for an open house – Light candles, put flowers on tables or put on a pot of coffee when you have an open house.  The smell adds to ambiance and makes the home more appealing.

Move any pets out of the house while you have your open house – Not everyone likes pets and some people think pets make a house feel dirtier. Pets can also give your house an odour that you may not smell but might put buyers off.

Make sure all lights work and are clean and dusted – An update to lighting fixtures is a quick and inexpensive way to modernise a home and smarten it up. Ikea have some great inexpensive options but always remember to get a licenced electrician to make any wiring changes.

Change your window treatments – Dusty, dirty, heavy or lace curtains are unappealing to a buyer. Simple curtains or blinds don’t cost a fortune but add a lot to the overall look.

Add a splash of colour with rugs and cushions – This can make a home look more sophisticated and welcoming. Look through magazines to get ideas of colours and simply buy from discount stores, or borrow from friends.

Invest in new towels and bedding – You can pop into Big W, K Mart or Best & Less and pick up some inexpensive items that will make your house look more appealing and up to date.

Change cupboard door handles in the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms – Changing an entire kitchen or bathroom can be very expensive but a small change to handles can give maximum impact without the cost. Bunnings or Ikea are great places to start your search.

Give every room a purpose – Don’t have a junk room or corner. Buyers need to imagine the house and if you can fit a double bed into the junk room where you usually store your unfolded washing, then the buyer will better be able to visualise the 3 bedroom house.

If you have messy tenants in your house, see if it is possible to put the house on the market when they have left – This is not always possible for financial reasons but it helps so much when trying to make the house look its best. At the very least, see if they can be out of the house during the open house.


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  1. Reading this is an extremely helpful reminder of all that I still need to tick off my list before open house this Saturday. I think having an open house template where one can tick off all the things would be very helpful.

  2. Thank you for your feedback. It really does help to be organised when selling or looking for a house. We do have a free template (available to all members) to help with a new house search so check it out. Just log in and follow this link ….https://17brightideas.com.au/category/free-templates/.

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