Tips for Window Dressings That Make a Difference

Tips for Window Dressings That Make a Difference

 Window dressing can be a huge amount of fun. So many people are now really getting into different seasons, and changing their surroundings keeps them interesting. Not only that, but it can be a lot of fun too. Windows are great on their own, of course, they are letting all of the glorious sunlight, we can watch rain running down the windowpane, and we can look out into our gardens. But you can create even more of a focal point if you like.

Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

It helps if you already have great windows. Or at least something with character. You might need to begin by preparing your windows. A fresh lick of paint, and being resealed can do the world of good.

If your windows are in pretty good shape, it might just be time to give them a good clean. Make sure that you use a smear-free cloth and solution so that you don’t end up with smudges and fingerprints. A home-made window cleaner isn’t that difficult to make and will usually smell great too.


There are many homes now but have wooden shutters, which I screwed down to the outside of the home, Visa for statics only. And while they do you look beautiful, you could get some real ones fitted on the inside if you choose to. There are many different styles, so you are bound to find something that works for you. 

You could have a full shutter which completely blocks out any sunlight, these are perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms. Bear in mind if you do choose to have these in the bathroom and the kitchen, you’ll have to opt for waterproof paint.


If you are a big lover of the seasons, then you will probably really enjoy dressing your windows for each one. When springtime rolls around, a beautiful vase of yellow daffodils and other brightly colored spring flowers can bring a real pop of color and life to the house. Autumn time is a great time for big beautiful pumpkins, faux toadstools, and a range of autumnal inspired ornaments like leaves. 

When Christmas rolls around, red and orange flowers, with berries and big gold ribbons, are beautiful to look at and add an elegant and festive touch.


While much of the window dressing will be done on the inside, you can add some gorgeous details in the form of matching awnings and blinds. Giving a cohesive and attractive finish to your windows. A great tip is to add herb boxes on the outside of the windows, so on warm days, the herbs will release all of those fragrant oils. They’ll waft through your home. 

Your windows can be so much more than just an extra shelf to store things on or draped with a curtain throughout the year. You can give them life and personality with a few simple additions and some time and care. Pinterest is the perfect place to go for inspiration too.

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