Tips to Maintain a Rental Property

Tips to Maintain a Rental Property

If you are interested in the real estate property business then you must be aware of the responsibilities of being a property owner. You might not be living in it but you are owning it so the maintenance of the rental property is your responsibility.

When you live in a property, you are completely responsible for everything but when your property is rented, you are not solely responsible for the maintenance. Tenants are accountable for managing minor things.

Contacting different sources for the maintenance of your rented property is stressful. Therefore, you can reach a company like property maintenance gold coast, that can help you out in all your property maintenance issues. 

If you are worried about managing your rental property. Then, I suggest that you don’t stress out because here, in this article you will find “the ultimate tips for maintaining your rental property”.

  1. Inspect the Exterior of the House

Before planning the work, it is important to check where maintenance is required. The maintenance of the house exterior is important because it adds to the value of the property.

The exterior usually includes a garden, parking area, driveway, back yard, main door, and windows. You should also take care of the exterior lighting of your house, as this will make your house well lit at night. All these things are very important to enhance the beauty of the house.

  • Inspect the Interior of the House

The exterior of the house is like the cover of a book, which gives the first impression to the visitors. However, the interior of the house is not only just about beauty and elegance but also about comfort.

Usually, the interior of the house includes the room, doors, windows, piping, wiring, air filters, and heaters. You should check and repair each and everything timely so that the lanlord doesn’t have to face any problems.

  • Fix a Budget

You should save some money for the maintenance of the house. Some work like house paint or renovation are pre-planned but many times the work is urgent, for which you should plan and save  some money.

If you own more than one property than you can make a separate bank account where you can save money every month for house maintenance. You can also invest that money somewhere so that you will get profit and with the profit, you can maintain your property.

  • Know Your Responsibilities

There is a myth that only tenants are responsible for maintaining and repairing the house However, it is the legal and social responsibility of the landlord aswell to take care of maintaining the house.

The tenants can do small expenditures like buying lights, furnishing the house, gardening, and other work because they are living there. If the tenants do any harm to your property like breaking windows, cracking floors, making the wall paint dirty then they should be the one paying you or doing the repair work.

Other than this, routine maintenance is solely the responsibility of the landlord. Your property is your asset and you should not trust anyone with it. Tenants may handle the maintenance work once or twice but they will certainly not take care of things every time, which can lead to a worse situation.

  • Knowledge About Landlord-Tenant Law

You should have significant knowledge about landlord-tenant law, which will be beneficial for you and your property. When both you and your tenant follow this law, you both will not make any mistakes. This will also keep the property in good condition.

This law explains the rights of property owners and tenants. According to the law, an agreement is prepared between the twoand then the tenant gives a deposit amount to the landlord. This law also explains the rules, regulations, and responsibilities for the maintenance of a house.

  • Check House Maintenance Regularly

Sometimes the landlord forgets about inspecting and checking his or her property or doesn’t bother to respond to the tenants, which is unacceptable. Regular house maintenance should be done whether it is monthly, quarterly or biannually depending on the condition of the house. 

  • House Paint

House paint enhances the whole look of your house. It makes your house attractive and clean. When we talk about house maintenance whether it is rented or not, paint is the first thing, which comes to our mind. It is the responsibility of the landlord to get the house painted every -three to five years.

  • Repair Water Problems

Water is the most important thing for survival and if water pipes start leaking, it becomes problematic. When any blockage in the water pipeline occurs,  you should immediately stop using it and call a plumber for repairs.

You should check the sinks, walls, faucets and water tanks for leakage or any other problems. These may be very small issues but if not sorted on time they can lead towards bigger expenses. The water leakage can destroy the ceiling and paint of the house. Due to water, leakage molds can also form in your house.

  • Safe Electric Wirings

Broken switches, light breakdowns, voltage fluctuations, and loose outlet plugs, everyone has faced these issues in their house. The electricity-related issues can destroy your appliances and they can become life-threatening as well, so these problems must be resolved on time.

  •  Maintain the Water Heater System

Cleaning of the water heater system is required after every few months. With time sediments of rust and dirt starts accumulating in the heater system, which can contaminate the water. Due to this reason, your heating system can even break down.

Heaters are quite expensive so timely measurements are required. If you cannot do it yourself, get it done by a professional.

  •  Keep the Gutters Clean

The cleaning of gutters is very important for saving your property from leakage. These can clog with leaves and dirt that can lead to the leakage of water on the walls, ceiling, windows, doors and the foundation of the house.

  •  Happy Tenants

It is hard to trust people especially when it is a matter of your precious assets. When your tenants will not be happy with your house or they will have maintenance issues, ultimately when their contract will finish they will leave. Finding a new trustworthy tenant again is time-consuming and difficult. When your tenant will be satisfied with your house, you can extend the contract.

  • Renovate and Maintain the House for a New Tenant

When you are changing the tenant of your rental property, make sure the house is cleaned up and all the repairs are taken care of.


Whether it is your rental property or personal residence, a house is a big asset that requires constant maintenance. The maintenance of the rental property will not increase your expenses rather it will add value to your property and will save you money in the long run.

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