Toilet Training On The Run

Toilet Training On The Run

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This Weeks Featured Bright Idea


Last week we did a list on toilet training. One thing that is true when toilet training is that at some stage you will be out and about and looking for a loo somewhere!

Here is a free App from the Apple App Store called: Show The Loo (Aust Only).

We think this is a must for anyone out and about with the toddler.

This Weeks Featured Bright Sparks Question

After posting our list on Toilet Training, we got a could of questions from Bright Sparks members asking:

How long does it take to toilet train toddler?

Obviously, every child is different so we can only talk in general terms. The key to staying dry during the day is waiting until your child is ready. We list some of the sign on what to look for in our list. If they are ready, it could take about a week for your toddler to get the hang of going to the toilet but don’t expect there to be no little accidents after that. If you are really lucky, your little one might get it in a day or two. In my experience, The first takes the longest as the 2nd, 3rd etc have someone to look up to. As for staying dry at night, this takes longer, possibly up to 6 months but, as always, there are some kids who will take longer to master this skill.

If you have any stories about your successes or struggles with toilet training your toddler, let us all know…

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