Tools That Will Help Your Site Have the Best SEO Possible

Tools That Will Help Your Site Have the Best SEO Possible

The internet is home to nearly 2 billion websites of all different shapes, sizes and origins. Those numbers can make starting a website a little bit intimidating. No matter the kind of site you have, you will likely be competing with dozens (or more) other sites for the over 4 billion people that use the internet regularly. There are many things you can do to give yourself a leg up on the competition.

One of the best things is to use SEO (search engine optimization) to attract more people to your website, organically. Website optimisation contains things like choosing correct keywords, publishing the right type of content and more. SEO is something that everyone does (or should do), but unfortunately, many don’t quite do it right.

In an effort to help, this article will look at a few different tools that you can use to help with the SEO of your website.

Google Analytics

There is a good chance you have already heard about Google Analytics, but if you haven’t (or don’t use it yet), you need to start. Google Analytics is a free tool that can do so much for your website, SEO or not. Very few tools, and none that are free, can offer the amount of data on your site visitors that Google Analytics does. The tool helps you understand your organic traffic in a very clear fashion, and assists you in comparing to past performance.

It is also awesome at letting you know how people got to your site, what the did or visited on your site and more. But despite how good it is, it shouldn’t be the only SEO tool that you use as there are many others that can offer more robust SEO features.


For many people, Ahrefs is their one-stop shop for all things SEO for your website. It can do it all including robust keyword research, backlink research, rank tracking, web monitoring and so much more. Experts love the Site Audit feature as well, as it really gives you a unique look at your own website. This feature basically looks at your site an highlights what could be improved and what is good as it is.

Also, if researching your competitors is something you want to do (which it should be), Ahrefs is fantastic for that as well. It can even help you easily and quickly seek out the backlinks that your competitors are using! They are always adding new tools and features, so be sure to keep your eyes out weekly for new things to try out. Ahrefs, unfortunately, isn’t free and can cost anywhere from $82 a month, all the way up to $999.


If you are looking for a great marketing SEO tool, Majestic might be one to consider. It features a ton of helpful tools including site explorer, SEO keyword research tool and more. The Majestic Million is also a cool feature as it ranks the top 1 million websites, so you can browse through those and see if you (or your competitor) appears in the ranking.

While some of the tools are available for free, in order to unlock the true meat and potatoes of this tool, you need to subscribe. If you subscribe, you will have access to a variety of extremely helpful features including custom reports, flow metrics history and the ability to compare a variety of SEO metrics with other websites. The pricing for Majestic ranks from $41 a month all the way up to $399 a month.


In conclusion, hopefully this article has helped you discover some new tools to use to take your sites SEO to the next level. These are only a few of the great SEO tools that experts use out there, so be sure to research and experiment with others to see what you like the most.


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