Transform Your Spare Room This Winter

Transform Your Spare Room This Winter

The spare room in a house is normally one of two things: it is a guest room which is plain and boring ready for anyone who happens to sleep over… or it’s a dumping ground which holds all of the stuff you can’t fit into the rest of the house. So many of us don’t make full use of the spare room and we leave it to feel stale and boring compared to the rest of the home, but not anymore. Here are some ways to make the spare room truly feel like a part of the home once more.

Paint the walls

Start off by painting over the boring white of the walls with a want and bold colour. For a spare room you can be a little more adventurous than you would with the rest of the house so take this opportunity to pick a colour which you have always wanted to use but we always scared to, such as yellow. It will make the room come to life right away and make it feel like more than just a plain shell.

Invest in the bed

When it comes to buying a bed for the spare room you will of course want to make sure it is good quality, but at the same time you don’t need to spend too much because people will only be staying occasionally. Find a frame which you like, a cheap mattress and then think about padding it all out with good quality bedding and sheets. You can choose a crazy patterned bedding too for this room because it will be fun and add some character to the space.

Add Home comforts

When it comes to making a spare room feel like part of the house, there are a few things you can do to make the space feel comfortable and homely. First of all, hang a mirror in the room so that your guests can get ready in the morning in front of it. Add a couple of wall lamps to the side of the bed in case your guests want to sit up and read in bed. You can also decorate the bedside table with a scented candle and lighter, and also a few of your guests’ favourite items like a hand cream, face mask or chocolate bar. The secret to being a great host is paying attention and learning what your guests love.

Hang some art

One of the things which you can go a little crazy with in the spare room is the art which you hang on the wall. You can actually think about buying a ton of different sized frames and prints from a brand such as Desenio and you can create a collage wall above the bed which will add colour, life and fun to the whole room. Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy because this is the ideal place to test out design features which you could later use in the rest of the house!

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