Dreaming of Tropical Holidays In July

Dreaming of Tropical Holidays In July

Dreaming of tropical holidays in July to beat your winter blues?

As the weather starts to cool down and the winter months have us hibernating, Aussies are beginning to look for a much-needed warm escape. Think palm trees, ocean views, cocktails and of course, the sun… anywhere tropical!

Tropical holidays in July has us dreaming of a sun-kissed tan and gorgeous beach hair, but unfortunately on any beach holiday you also run the risk of sporting the sunburn red with mosquito spots look – definitely not beachy chic!

We’ve come up with a few essentials you might consider packing to avoid sunburn and spots with a checklist of the top five tropical travelling essentials for your sun filled winter escape:

tropical holidays


1. Sun Protection

Hats, sunscreen and light long sleeved shirts should be an everyday essential when travelling through tropical climates. Outdoor activities such as hiking and water sports are popular in Southeast Asia, which means plenty of time spent in the sun. Try and keep your outdoor activities to the morning or late afternoon, minimizing your time outdoors when the UV is at its highest. If you are spending your day in the sun make sure you lather on the sunscreen and always wear a broad brimmed hat.

2. Para’Kito

Mozzies are a nuisance on any holiday, so make sure you plan ahead to avoid the pesky insects from ruining your tropical getaway. Para’Kito is a 100% natural mosquito and insect protection device that offers 24 hour coverage for 15 days. It is even waterproof making it the perfect accessory for beach and poolside holidays. The Para’Kito polymer pellet is infused with a unique blend of seven essential oils and slips into your Para’Kito wristband or clip. So easy and convenient they are perfect for tropical holidays in july, august or anytime!


3. Light Poncho

The weather in tropical climates has a bit of a surprise and delight element, you never know what you’re going to get especially for tropical holidays in July and other Australian winter months. A gorgeous day on the beach can be ruined by grey clouds turning into a rainstorm that can ruin your plans for the day. Pack a compact, light poncho that can be thrown over your clothes in case of surprise weather emergencies.page1image19264

4. Hydrolytes

When on holiday to a new and exotic location we always want to see and do everything, leading to long days of exploring and walking out in the hot sun. Long, busy days can leave you feeling dehydrated and tired, which is the last thing you want on your holiday! Hydrolytes provide rehydration, containing the correct balance of electrolytes and glucose to stay hydrated and replenished whilst travelling.

5. First Aid Kit

The possibility of an accident happening is always high when you are in a foreign place and unaware of the natural hazards around you. Pack a light first aid kit that can accompany you on day trips and fits nicely in your bag. Ensure you have the essentials; betadine antiseptic, band aids, anti- bacterial lotion, headache/ fever tablets and nausea medications.

Holidays in the tropics

Why not let us know what else you’d pack in your bag for your tropical holidays in July and Where Would You Go??

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