Turn Your Home Into A Spa With These 7 Tips

Turn Your Home Into A Spa With These 7 Tips

If you can’t unwind at home, then when can you? It should be a haven of peace and solace; somewhere you can relax and unwind at the end of a long day at work. It can be tricky though – an untidy home full of noise and clutter can be detrimental to relaxing, but fear not, as we have some simple ways to turn a busy home into a spa-like cocoon that you will never want to leave!

a woman in her bath making her home into a day spa

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Cozy and comfortable

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure your home – or at least, a room dedicated to relaxing – is cozy and comfortable. Occasionally, this may be at the expense of practicalities, but comfort sometimes needs to be a priority, especially if you want a truly spa-like space. Choose seating that you can sink into and lots of cushions and throws. Leather may be more practical in terms of being able to keep clean, but they never feel quite as plush.

Refresh your bathroom

One of the key spaces for relaxing in is your bathroom, and it should always be somewhere you can shut the door and spend some time on self-care in. First and foremost, you need a spacious and comfortable bath, one that you can lie back in with a face mask on. For added luxury, underfloor heating, heated towel racks, and soft lighting can make it somewhere you never want to leave!

Try some aromatherapy

Certain smells can have a significant impact on our mood. Dot scented candles, incense and aromatherapy diffusers around the home, and add vases of flowers to add some relaxing scents to your home and make it a truly sensory experience. 

Connect with nature

Bringing nature indoors has been proven to deliver all sorts of benefits to our health, from increasing the amount of oxygen to helping us sleep better. Pop some vases and pots of greenery and plants around the house and watch your mood lift!

Use cool colours

Warm colors, such as reds and yellows can be great for spaces such as kitchens as they have energizing properties, but then it comes to your bedrooms, bathrooms, and areas to chill out in, you will probably want to think about cool and calming colors, such as pale blues, greens, and lavenders.

Let there be light

We tend to think of relaxing spaces being dark and dim, but actually, bright spaces can make us feel much happier and can reduce the risk of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). The best way of achieving this is through natural lighting, but that’s not always possible. Placing mirrors opposite a window, and making use of reflective surfaces such as chrome can help to make a room feel brighter. Artificial light can sometimes be too bright, but there are bulbs and lights out there that mimic natural light.

Warm it up

If you are cold and shivering, you won’t relax. Making sure a space is warm – but not too hot – will help it to be more relaxing. This doesn’t necessarily mean turning on the heating and artificially heating it, but by doing things such as adding thick curtains to trap in the heat and keep out the draughts. Throws on beds and sofas and rugs on wooden floors also give it an extra sense of warmth.

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