Twins – Will I Cope?

Twins – Will I Cope?

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We love getting questions from our members and this one was close to my heart.  If you have a question you would like us to answer jut shoot us an email to or post it on Facebook so everyone can answer!


This weeks member question was:


“Help – I’ve just found out I am having twins.  I already have one child and I struggled with just one baby.  How do I cope with two?”


Exactly my thoughts when I found out I was having twins.  I thought back to all those sleepless nights with my first child, and the long days of feeding, burping, changing, bathing.  I had no spare time with one how on earth was I going to survive when I had to do two together and have a toddler!


Do you know what though – you will manage.  It’s all a bit of a blur how it all fits together but in the end it will all get done – what is the alternative?  Your kids will get fed, they will wear clean clothes and they will all be loved and cuddled and adored.  Mums just have an inbuilt system to get all these things done.


What probably wont get done is the housework…….so what – you probably wont be inviting a whole lot of people over and if you do just put them to work.  I suggest going clothes shopping before you have them because that’s probably a pipe dream afterwards.  If you already have a toddler you are probably a bit used to sleep deprivation.  Consider it as training!


If you want some seriously bright ideas check out our 17 Bright Ideas for Parents of Baby Twins.  You can hopefully find some useful tips.


One thing I know thought is that within no time at all you will be one big happy family and wont even be a able to remember a time without them.


Best Wishes


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