Unlikely Trendsetters Who Have Influenced You

Unlikely Trendsetters Who Have Influenced You

Do you know why big brands pay even bigger bucks to have celebrities endorse their products? It’s because celebrities influence the rest of society and the way you feel about how you look. And thanks to the rise of social media, it is happening now more than ever. Just look at Selena Gomez. Yeah, she is one of the biggest babes on the planet, but Puma more than likely wanted her signature because of her staggering 128 million followers and not her little-known love for athletics.

But while some celebrities get used for their online following or paid to be clothes horses, some have the power to start beauty trends that swallow up an entire generation and turn measly fans into devoted disciples.

The question is, who has started the biggest trends:

Alexa Chung

No one has brought androgynous style into the limelight with quite as much glamour and pizzazz as Chung. Her career has been built on enamouring the world with her offbeat tomboy sense of fashion, a style that has been inspired by vintage looks, men’s brogues and pinafores. However, it is her love of all things monochrome and Peter Pan rounded collar that she is most credit for.

Cara Delevingne

Back in the 90s, barely-there brows were all the rage. Thin and overly-cleaned. Then came Cara and all of this got flipped on its head. Her trademark thick, bold and bushy eyebrows have seen people follow suit in the millions. This popular liposuction clinic has seen such a huge surge in demand that it has added an eyebrow transplant service to its offering. People want the Cara look, not only to shape their face better but to look more youthful too.

Kim Kardashian

Now you’re probably thinking “the belfie” and you’d be right; the belfie became massive as a result of Kim breaking the internet. However, it is her lashes that are her secret weapon. She does not apply with caution. She lavishes her naturally long eyelashes and they always look flawless. But it isn’t just the mascara she is a fan of. Her sultry look stems from her love of a smokey-eye, a look that has been replicated the world over since.

Paris Hilton

We know. We’re just as surprised to see her name on this list but her former life as a real-life Elle Woods saw the very start of designer dogs and handbag pups come into the fold. Tinkerbell, her teacup-sized chihuahua, went everywhere with her. Everywhere. She even popped her in designer pooch pouches. Since then, small dogs and puppy accessories have become more popular than Donald Trump’s unpopularity.

Amy Winehouse

She was known for her soulful voice and very public battles with alcohol. But it was that dramatic cat-eye liner and beehive hairstyle that epitomized her style. Her retro style was her thing, but it was also a fashion statement that Karl Lagerfeld took inspiration from at the 2008 Chanel pre-fall runway. That is a testament to the influence she had on the world.

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