Upgrade Your Home From Exhausted to Elegant

Upgrade Your Home From Exhausted to Elegant

When you sit on your sofa and look around you’re home you see a tired, dull and bland design that needs shaking up imminently. You may have been grinning and bearing your exhausted interior for a while now, but it’s time to take action right now. Instead of staring longingly as your home design magazines, you need to make things happen inside your home. Whether you have been putting it off due to finances or you simply haven’t had the time to think creatively, now is your chance to get stuck in. Perhaps you’re hoping to make your house more homely or you want to add a little glamour, there are so many ways to transform your home from exhausted to elegant. Consider some of the following ideas and you will soon have a fabulous and refreshed abode that is magazine cover worthy!

Chic Soft Furnishings

There is something so appealing about adding chic soft furnishing to your home decor. You may have be rocking second hand cushions or shabby chic rugs from the local charity shop until now. However, investing in high quality designer rugs, throws and cushions will really set your home free from it’s aging appearance. Now, it might sound crazy to invest in new soft furnishings when you haven’t even chosen your color schemes yet, but this method really works. When you go shopping online you will instantly find signature pieces that stand out to you. If you theme your color schemes around these choices, your life will be so much easier. Many people decorate a room and then search high and low for lighting, accessories and soft furnishing to complement them. Usually, they end up with something that isn’t really their style, but it works with the theme. By choosing your soft furnishings first, you can shape every other decision around this and have a final product that is exactly how you envisioned it.

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Cool Color Schemes

Choosing your color schemes is probably one of the most thrilling parts of transforming your home. You can make a tired and aging home seem like brand new with just a little lick of paint. You might have a favourite color in your head right now, but you definitely need to think of the long term rather than short term appeal right now. If you absolutely love baby blue or have soft spot for burnt orange, then you might want to incorporate these shades into your accessories. Painting an entire room with bold shades like this might not be entirely sustainable or practical for the future. Your best option would be to paint your target rooms and very neutral, subtle and light tone. This will give you a beautiful blank canvas to work with and it will allow you to make many changes in the future if you become inspired by another theme. The easiest way to transform a home is with white, light or pastel walls and then accented accessories. Don’t choose dark and bold colors for your rooms as this will become very difficult to work with in the future.

Amazing Outdoor Appeal

You don’t just want your home to look amazing on the inside, you want to inject some curb appeal into your humble abode too. Think about how your home looks on the outside right now. Are your windows appealing? Is your front yard tidy? Do you have chipped paintwork? Is your front door a beautiful and welcoming color? These are all things you need to consider when you’re transforming your home. Sometimes the outside is just as important as the inside, so spend some time working on this aspect too.

Image from Pexels – CC0 Licence

Magic Minimalism

Nowadays minimalism is the new black; busy, overstated and crowded rooms are a thing of the past. Try to see this project with a “less is more” approach; this will give you ample scope to add beautiful finishing touches along the way. Instead of heading to your local store and stocking up on every accessory imaginable, why not take a moment to step back and write down what you really need? This will really help you to stick with your minimalistic vibe!

A Professional Eye

It can never hurt to hire in a professional when you’re carrying out a home makeover. Their expert opinion could be invaluable and they may stop you from making common mistakes during the design process. You may even want to hire an interior designer to give you some inspiration if you’re lacking creative flow. It all depends on your budget and how experienced you are in the field.

Fabulous Furniture

Once you have added most of the final touches to your home, you may want to start thinking about your furniture. Now, you don’t necessarily have to invest in brand new furniture all at once; you can gradually drip feed your furniture choices into your home, once you know exactly what you need. Many people make the mistake of buying a whole load of new furniture and then realising that it doesn’t fit in the space they have! Whether you’re looking for a contemporary feel or a classic vibe, try to keep your furniture minimal for now. Choose one or two signature pieces that you absolutely adore. This will prevent you from going over budget and filling a room with unnecessary items. Less is more when it comes to fabulous furniture so choose wisely!

When it comes to making these much needed changes throughout your home, you can go as big or understated as you like. So many people wait until they have everything in order to make changes in their home, but you don’t have to do it all at once. You can make small and simple adjustments that have a huge impact. Take your time with this process and try not to see it as a chore. You’re meant to enjoy making these changes to your home, so try not to let it stress you out. If you take all of these ideas on board, you will soon be able to transform your home from exhausted to elegant in no time!

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