17 Uses For Solar Power In Points
Here are our 17 Uses for Solar Power in Points

17 Uses For Solar Power In Points

Looking for uses for Solar Power in points? Here you go…Solar power has come a long way in recent years. From being an idea out of science fiction to making it onto the shop’s shelves, this technology has advanced. For consumers, this presents an easy way to start working on their carbon footprint, by using solar energy to power their life. There are loads of ways you can achieve this sort of goal, and this post will be going through 17 uses for solar power in points. It’s easy and cheap to start working towards a greener future.

Panels On The Roof – solar panels can be found on loads of homes. In the past, these panels weren’t exactly the most attractive items to display on your home, though, putting quite a lot of people off of them. Today, times can have changed, and solar panels can be found in a variety of discrete designs which help to hide them on your building.

Battery For Storage – It’s not always sunny outside, and most people need power more than ever during these times. Having a special battery in your home enables you to store the power you generate. Once you have some powered stored, you have access to it on demand, making it easy to live with.

The Whole Home – Most people approach this sort of goal with the aim of being able to power their whole home with it. Of course, this can’t work out everywhere, but there are plenty of online calculators, which can be used to see how much power your home would need. Along with this, some installation companies can assess the power needs of your home for you.

Large Appliances – If you can’t power your whole home through solar power, you might still be able to impact your energy bill by powered another part of your home with it. Most large appliances will use a lot of power, but only for short periods of time. If you have a way to store energy, it’s possible to have your cooking or cleaning powered by the sun, even if you can’t power the whole home.

Air Conditioning – Air conditioning is the perfect candidate for being solar powered, as most people will only use it when it’s not sunny outside. Most air conditioning installers will be happy to help you build a system like this, as the job won’t be too different for them to complete. Air conditioning uses a lot of power, so it makes sense to handle it with something renewable.

Lighting – The lighting in most modern homes uses a small, constant stream of power. With a day’s worth of power behind you, it should be easy to run this part of your home, even if you live somewhere with little sun. It also helps to have some energy saving light bulbs to make lessen the power they use.

Your Car – More and more people are starting to drive electric cars, and it makes sense. If you have solar panels on your home, powering your car could be a matter of parking it on the drive overnight. These sorts of cars are expensive, but they are very friendly to the environment compared to traditional options.

Garden Lighting – A lot of gardens are deliberately oriented so that they get as much sunlight during the day as possible. By taking advantage of this, you can harvest the light from the day, and use it in the garden at night. Solar powered outdoor lights are very cheap but can look great when used well.

Outdoor Heating – Even in summer, the nights aren’t always warm and comfortable. To solve this issue, a solar powered patio heater could be a great investment. Instead of using gas or the mains to heat up, this sort of heater will use the power it generates itself.

Water Features – There are loads of ways to make a garden come alive with an array of rich and vibrant styles. But, one of the best ways to achieve this goal is through a water feature. These devices can be a sensory delight but don’t have to be powered from the mains. Thanks to their low power usage, this sort of option can be easily run from the sun alone.

Pool Heating – If you own a pool, you’ve probably experienced the effects the sun can have on it throughout the day. Of course, though, most don’t want to wait for the evening for their pool to warm up. Instead, using a solar water heater, you can have your pool warmed up nice and early.

An On The Go Panel – As solar panel technology improves, companies can make smaller and smaller options which can compete with their older rivals. Portable solar options are a great example of this, providing customers with a way to generate power on the go. This is usually enough to run a device like a phone or a music player.

Phone Cases – A lot of people don’t carry a wide range of devices with them, and won’t need something very beefy. Phone cases with their own solar panels can be a great way to have your phone charged on the go. By attaching it to your clothing, you can charge without having to think about it.

GPS – Some people like to travel for long periods without ever going back to base. In this case, knowing where you are is essential. GPS systems have come a long way in recent years, and there are loads of options which can be powered by the sun.

Speakers – Being able to enjoy music while you’re off the beaten track is something few people ever get to experience. Thankfully, though, there are loads of inexpensive products to help you with this. Solar powered speakers are great for festivals.

An Outdoor Fridge – Food is a big concern for a lot of people when they’re camping or spending days out. Keeping chilled items fresh when it’s sunny can be a big challenge. But, it’s possible to use the sun’s power against it, using it to supply a low-powered cool box.

What Can You Expect In the Future – Finally after our 17 uses for solar power in points here is the final point. As time moves on, solar energy will have more and more of an impact on society. It’s already being used for a lot of applications. Now, though, companies are finally being able to put it into the hands of their customers. This could mean huge advances in coming years, in loads of different areas.




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