Wall Decor Ideas For Small Places

Wall Decor Ideas For Small Places

Whether it’s a small apartment or room in your house, maximizing the space can be essential and create the feeling of extra square feet. Creating extra square feet usually means putting a minimal amount of furniture in place to create a feeling of space. However, this doesn’t mean your space has to be devoid of personality or style. One of the biggest spaces under-utilized, and where nothing gets in your way, is the walls.

A little imagination goes a long way

Deciding to decorate your walls in a way that reflects your own personal tastes or hobbies opens up a whole world of possibilities. A little bit of creativity and a few tricks can add a chunk style and create a space you truly love to spend time in.

Adding features to your wall also changes the dynamic from a decorating perspective. Depending on the route you take, the wall might be better with patterned wallpaper, or a plain but bold contrasting colour to really make your additions pop out.

Picture perfect

Art can completely change the feel of a space. A large picture that fills most of your wall can be even more effective in a small space, actually turning your small room into an advantage. You could also opt to use smaller photographs or pictures (or a mixture of both) to create a collage, like a gallery wall. If you or a friend is particularly artistic, then you might want to consider creating your own mural for a truly personal touch.

Think outside the box

Most things can be mounted on a wall. That patterned rug you love, why not hang it on the wall. The collection of plates sitting in boxes, how would they look? If you love nature or walking, then why not collect natural materials from your walks and create a feature on your wall from them? There are even specialized planters you can use to mount live plants and flowers to your wall.

Your wall decoration can even take on a practical function. Book lovers can create small clusters of books dotted around a wall. If you’re running short on space for your clothes, you could use a pegboard to create a cluster of hats. Simply look at what objects need a home and consider whether there is any scope for using them as part of a wall installation.

Whether you fix a wicker basket or attractive shelves to your walls, a stylish addition can also provide a practical solution. There are even websites, like French Knot, that have a whole menu dedicated to just decorating your walls in stylish ways. You’re really spoilt for choice.

Combine features

While adding loads of unrelated items to your wall might just look a mess, combining some features can make sense and add a real personal touch to your space. For example, a few small bookshelves might be linked together by some sort of painted mural. Think about what you’re creating and consider the ways you could add extra personality to your ideas.

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