Ways to Come Up With Your Signature Style

Ways to Come Up With Your Signature Style

What comes to your mind when you hear or see the word ‘style’? This is a question you must ask yourself to realize and comprehend with what you categorize and think of when it comes to being stylish. If you’re trying to keep up with what you commonly see around just because it’s regarded as being ‘chic’ then you might need to consider whether or not you prefer what you see or if it just evolves in your subconscious mind. You must acknowledge your sense of style and what you find appealing as per your personal preference and without any third-party interference.

Oscar Wilde once said, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” This just beautifully depicts the importance of one being comfortable in their skin, likings, and disliking. Never be afraid while being true to yourself, your lifestyle and attire is a form of identification that portrays your genuine self. Why would you want to spend most of your time wrapping your head around certain things you are uninterested in but wish to blend in because it’s more ‘socially acceptable?’ Always remember that the only thing that’s free and infinite in life is other’s judgment and opinions.

You will always face some sort of feedback regardless of how you look, and that’s okay (as long as it’s constructive criticism) because you can’t enforce your understanding of style over somebody else, exactly how you shouldn’t be influenced or concerned with what others have to say. If you’re struggling with when it comes to finding and figuring out your signature style like Ulla johnson we’ve come up with a few ways that could help you achieve exactly what you’re looking for!

Go through your closet

This may come off as a surprise to some especially when you realize how easy it could be to determine your style. Going through your closet carefully could tell you a lot about your interests. Look out for pieces of clothing that you find somewhat appealing, pile them up to the side and then try them on. Notice what you find is the most attractive thing about that clothing item and then remember or jot down the little details. Lastly, you’re left to analyze the common features between the different attires that you find alluring or what looks best on you. You’ll eventually begin to realize what you find aesthetically pleasing. Is it the bohemian outfits that interest you because of the earthy vibe it gives off or is it the modest, monotone look you find better because of its minimalism? You’ll have answers to all of these questions and you’ll be well aware of what to look out for the next time you’re out shopping.

Similarly, while you’re already in the middle of raiding your closet, we recommend that you also sort out pieces of clothing you rarely or never wore. What is it about that outfit that puts you off? Be sure to also note your disliking’s down so you don’t spend time and money over something that’ll end up in your closet for the next decade. This could also be done with the same clothing items you like, while you can try and understand what you wish to change in that outfit and why?

Create basics based on your lifestyle

A common misconception is that you’ll have to dress the same or wear the same outfit every day to follow your style. That is completely false. Yes, your choices are now more concise then you’d expect but are not limited to. You can always switch up your style in between or even create a fusion, whatever makes you happy. Figuring out your style isn’t just about finding the right color or pattern for you but it’s also essential that you create a foundation of your looks that you can slowly move on to building up with distinctive pieces as you get comfortable. You don’t have to go out and buy a ton of unique clothing items now that you’ve ‘found your style’ but instead work on basic items yet versatile items that you can instantly pair up for any occasion. While you’re doing all of this it’s also important that you keep in mind to follow your lifestyle and by that, we mean anything that fits your everyday life. Your profession plays a huge roll in this, and here’s where you’ll need to decide between casual, semi-casual, fancy, professional, etc. Of course, you can always play around in these genres but just know that your style needs to adopt your way of life and even your budget, you wouldn’t want to exhaust your bank balance with something you cannot afford to wear and pull off every time.

Gain inspiration

Another way you could find out about interests or if you’re still not sure about what to pair-up to create a look then you can always log on to the internet or Instagram and Pinterest specifically where you could go through profiles of influencers that you admire in terms of their style. Seeing some of your favorite people wearing something you find attractive as per your taste will make you feel a lot more comfortable when you do the same. A broader approach to this is also going through the diverse looks you could choose from and how they differ from one another and what you love most about them. From emo to punk, royal to edgy, you’ll be able to tell a lot about what sort of style you’re more inclined to. However, remember you’re only gaining inspiration, not copying off somebody else’s look-book or that will just defy the entire purpose.

It’s always best to be yourself and your appearance is a great way of expressing that. With this article, you should be able to partly figure out your style or at least you’ll have a clear understanding and direction when it comes to a good start. Be unique in your way and once you’ve found out your signature style, develop and work on that as you go and inspire those around you.

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