Ways To Encourage Baby To Crawl
Check Out Our Ways To Encourage Baby To Crawl

Ways To Encourage Baby To Crawl

Ways To Encourage Baby To Crawl

Looking for tips to encourage your baby starts crawling? Generally speaking, most babies learn to crawl between seven and ten months old. However, that doesn’t mean that every baby will be crawling by the time he or she hit the ten-month mark. In fact, it can take some infants quite a lot longer to master this skill, and some babies many skip crawling and go straight to walking. That, however, doesn’t mean that your baby has any developmental issues – as long as they are hitting all of their other major milestones, then not crawling really is nothing to worry about. They might just prefer to sit still!If you want to encourage your child to get on their knees and crawl about more, there are plenty of things you can do. Read on for some ways to encourage baby to crawl!


Give Them Tummy Time

It’s important that babies get plenty of tummy time from birth onwards.. This is when they are placed on the floor lying on their front. It gives them the chance to use their own arms to prop them up, and will encourage the development of strong arm, neck, and shoulder muscles. Eventually, this strength will come in useful when they are getting to the right age for crawling as it will help them propel themselves forward. This is great way to encourage your baby to crawl.


Leave Toys Around

Did you ask yourself ” How can I encourage my baby to crawl”? This is a great tip…Your baby will no doubt love to play with their toys and will want to get them whenever they see them but what happens when they are sitting on the floor, and their Bubbalove toy is right across the room? They will have to crawl to get it! So, when your child is approaching the right age to start crawling, you should leave some toys dotted around the room. This will make them want to try and move so that they can play with their toys! Encouraging a baby to crawl may require a little planning 🙂


Don’t Use A Baby Walker

Some parents buy a baby walker for their baby as they are thought to help strengthen the muscles in their legs and encourage walking. However, it’s a good idea to try and get your child crawling and walking without the use of this kind of equipment. That’s because these walkers can make children walk on the very tips of their toes, and they can continue this habit when they start walking properly. They also limit floor time when your baby could be practicing their crawling skills. Use your own judgement with this one.


Make Sure The Room Is Safe

Encouraging a baby to crawl means you need to think about life with a crawling baby. If there are a few hazards in the room in which your baby is, they will be very nervous about moving about in it. It’s also important to note that there might be some hazards which your baby can’t see, and could cause them injury if they come into contact with them while crawling. For instance, your baby might bump into a coffee table and knock a vase of flowers off onto themselves. This experience will put them off crawling for good! So, make sure you completely clear the room of any hazard before you put your baby down to crawl around. It’s also a great idea to secure any shelves and put away any small or breakable items.


Dress Your Baby In Crawling Clothes

Once baby is on their knees and looking to begin crawling, you’ll need to think about what you dress them in. You may want to avoid long, frilly dresses for your baby girl for a while. You also need to consider that any pants or tights you put onto hub, the knees will definitely get dirty and possibly worn. Pick a crawling outfit for your baby that you are happy to get dirty and they won’t feel restricted in.


Lead By Example

Another way to encourage baby to crawl is to show them what they need to do. Get down low with your bub and crawl around the floor too. Seeing you do it might just help them to see what they need to do.


Hopefully, these tips will have your baby crawling in no time. Tell us if you try any of these ways to encourage baby to crawl. You’ll just have to watch out for them then! Let us know any ways to encourage your baby to crawl.

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