17 Ways to Have a Healthy Christmas

17 Ways to Have a Healthy Christmas

Christmas can be a fantastic time, filled with fun and special activities but there’s so much going on it can also put a strain on physical and mental health. So, here are 17 bright ideas for ways to have a healthy Christmas Season this Summer. Be Skin Smart – The key to keeping your skin glowing during the Summer is moisture. We lose a lot of moisture because we sweat through the heat. Drink plenty of water and add more moisturizer to your routine.Eat Properly – Our bodies need the right fuel to get us through times where we use a lot of energy. Summer can take it out on your body and many of us find ourselves getting ill during down time because our bodies recognise that we’ve stopped. Stock up on your fruit and veg to fight off those bugs.Keep Your Teeth Happy– We often remember our skin but forget about our teeth. It’s the time of year where many of us eat more sugar, drink more cocktails and dive into the party foods. Take extra care with your teeth and try out some activated charcoal teeth whitening for special occasions.Stay Cool – When the temperatures soar, it can be really difficult to stay cool, so arm yourself with some much needed tools. If you haven’t got air conditioning, invest in some portable fans and refill your water bottle every time it gets empty.Essential oils – Essential oils can be a god-send when you’re trying to fight off Summer burnout. Burn some ginger to get your nasal passages unblocked.Massage – You can break your back running around at this time of year, trying to get everything done and keep everyone happy. Book yourself in for a full body massage and get the best night’s sleep of your life.Go for a Walk – With some well-earned time off this time of year, our bodies can really benefit from some fresh air. Make the most of the outdoors and give your cardiovascular health a boost.Eat Out – Sometimes you just need a night off from cooking. In fact, more and more people are going to restaurants or ordering in their Christmas Day dinners too!Salad – The great thing about salads is that you can pile the veggies, and just add some protein of choice.Foot Spa – With the amount of shopping this season requires, it’s not surprising our feet ache. Invest in a foot spa to take the edge off.Yoga – Yoga is a great combination of exercise and meditation, which means you’re taking care of your body and mind at the same time.Treat Yourself – Eat all the chocolates? It’s Christmas. Too many mince pies? It’s Christmas. Spent too much on a dress? It’s Christmas!Don’t Punish Yourself– You don’t have to drive yourself crazy making sure everything is perfect at this time of year. Give yourself a break.People – Remember, you don’t have to spend time with people that make youfeel bad about yourself.Visualise – Ready for work to be over? Why not try visualising laying in the warm sun. It can make you feel wonderful on long, work days.Have Fun – Get out to a christmas party, take an evening walk or take a drive around your neighbourhood and see the lights.Plan a Holiday – Make yourself feel better with something fun to aim for. Do your research (plenty of pages here on 17 Bright Ideas to help you too) and then set a goal to get away!

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