How To Help A Teething Baby
ways to help a teething baby

How To Help A Teething Baby

Need to know how to help a teething baby? Being a parent means being there for a child when he or she needs you the most. However, there are times when mums and dads are as helpless as their kids. Teething is a natural process, yet it causes pain and distress. Sadly, a young baby will cry and cry until the pain stops. The good news is there are ways to ease the soreness. The following won’t get rid of the aching altogether, but they should make it easier for your child.  Here is a handful of bright ideas on how to help a teething baby.  Click here for a detailed guide to a childs healthy teeth. 


See A Dentist

Parents are fantastic at self-medicating. Still, it’s best to get a second opinion to be sure. Not to scare you, but the pain may be caused by another ailment which needs treatment. Plus, visiting a medical professional is an excellent way to gather information on the teething process. Sites such as are great places to start if you are unsure. In fact, any website which deals specifically in child dentistry is a help. Like anything else, a specialist has knowledge and skill which other experts don’t have. This may help you to know what to do with teething baby.


Use A Gel

Back in the day, mums and dads used to rub alcohol onto a child’s gums to stop the pain. As commendable as it once was, it isn’t a recommended parenting tip in 2017. Indeed, social services may knock on the door if they hear tales of young babies and whiskey! Thankfully, there are gels which numb the pain and allow children to focus on other things. Of course, you should read the label because some ingredients are harmful to small kids. has a useful list of medicines which are off limits for babies. Also, consider the taste. Sweet medication is effective because it’s quite pleasant and will help you to answer the question ‘ what do i do with my teething baby?!”


Bite On A Ring

Not you but your baby. This is a great idea for how to help a teething baby. Gone are the days when adults can chew on teething rings and not get judged! Although it seems counterproductive, chewing on a toy is a fantastic way to ease the pain because the pressure counteracts the aching. And, if you chill it beforehand, the effects are even better. Never put it in the freezer, though, as a frozen toy can harm a baby’s gums. A teething ring is just one example, but there are many other alternatives. The key is to ensure the toy is safe. Otherwise, a teething baby may be the last of your worries.


Clean Gums

The majority of parents don’t start brushing until their child has teeth. Bad move because their oral hygiene doesn’t revolve around their little peggies. It centres on their gums. If the pink, fleshy parts of your baby’s mouth are unhealthy, the teething process will hurt even more. The worst case scenario is an infection which then doubles the pain. says parents should forget about a brush and use a cloth or piece of gauze instead. Gently dip it in water and wipe around the edges of the gums.


Hopefully, these tips will be enough to stop your baby from screaming the house down. Do you know any other ways to help a teething baby…tell us!

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