Ways To Make Your Wedding More Fun

You will cherish the moments of your wedding for the rest of your life, and it’s often the least and wonderful details that will make your day most exceptional. To have a fun wedding doesn’t mean that you spend a huge amount of money or get a superior venue and an enormous guest list. Starting from keeping the guests entertained during the opening of the drink to finishing the night with a kick, there are loads of ways that allow you to make your wedding more entertaining.

These are the most wonderful ways to enlighten a wedding day;

Music Band

Everybody enjoys some fun music with great rhythm and a beat to dance to.If you have a hired a band more like some famous wedding bands in Sydney then you need to manage your dance floor. An attractive playlist to please the whole crowd, it would be better to let the band handle all the fun and entertainment to make the reception experience outstanding.


When it comes to delivering a speech the quality rules over quantity. Speeches are a reasonably official occurrence at weddings. Either a close friend or a family member usually gives a speech for a few minutes which is not that entertaining but what if you come up with a laptop and screen and prepare a slideshow of a decent amount of images and videos, giving guests something fun to look at and be entertained.

Food and Dessert

One of the most incredible ways to treat your guests is to offer them some delicious dessert. There should always be a table in the corner full of desserts and a central table with an endless amount of mouth-watering food ready to be served. A whole table full of sweets and desserts would look impressive to your guests to make some great photographs with it.

Wedding Cake

You have to choose an appealing wedding cake which surely is an exciting part of the wedding ceremony process. There is not anything that can satisfy us more than a wedding cake in a matter of taste and its style. A beautiful cake can be an attractive thing at your wedding which will definitely make a statement in order to adjust to the wedding theme. Apart from huge cakes, you can consider a small one by catering to small cakes in different forms, in fact, your guests might remember these tiny little cakes more than the standard 4 story wedding cake.

Welcome Dinner

If you can spend a little more, then arrange a welcome dinner the day prior to the wedding is held. It will be a pleasant way for special guests to engage with one another for the first time. Hence, the following day, the guest will feel more comfortable in each individual’s company.

Photo Booth

There is no mystery that photo booths are notably fun and produce some of the most amazing photos at a wedding ceremony. Guest will for sure take silly, funny, or romantic pictures to make it a memorable experience for them. It would be amazing to take a few romantic pictures with your partner as well. You can create your photo booth by adding some props and a ribbon curtain.


Decorations can add a lot of aesthetic beauty to your wedding event if a proper theme has been chosen. If your budget is sufficient then you can set up lots of lounge chairs and couches to make the guest feel good and carefree. Apart from guests sitting on the same table all night long, a change in environment can improve discussion and will give your energetic dancers an area for rest and can make the event super fun. By decorating with sofas, chairs, and other vintage furniture the environment will be more elegant with flowers and votive candles matching the wedding themes.

Creative Lighting

Creative lighting will look remarkable as it will adjust with the atmosphere for the wedding function while creating a special sort of experience for your beloved guests. Thinking about the lighting plan, you should remember that the choices are countless and can easily be provided at the venue with the appropriate style and perfection. From chandeliers to spotlights and lanterns there are several ways to make the wedding look gorgeous to the eyes.

Kids Entertainment

To maintain the kids amused during the ceremony you need to give them their separate area or a room, arranged with a babysitter to set up games, television cartoons, or crafts. You can also arrange a table full of colouring books, board games, and small stuffed toys. Weddings can be entertaining for both the parents and their children but although children can’t participate in all the celebrations with their parents.

In conclusion, we can surely say that the above-mentioned tips can help you make your wedding a memorable day for not only the newly-weds but also for all the guests.

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