Quick Weeknight Dinner Recipes

Quick Weeknight Dinner Recipes

Are you looking for quick weeknight dinner recipes because you are always in a rush at dinner time?

If you have kids, if you work, if you are the family ‘taxi’ service as well as the family ‘restaurant’ chef then, like Sue and me you are probably in a big rush at the end of the day when dinner time rolls by. No matter how organised you are, there is always that ONE weeknight that is an absolute rush and you need to find an easy dinner idea that the family will enjoy and will be easy for you. My day is Tuesday when my kids have gymnastics and dance class and I get home after 5.30pm to 4 hungry kids. It’s the day I usually make hotdogs because I know I can get them out quickly.

In my quest to improve the eating habits of my family, I realised that hotdogs every Tuesday probably isn’t the most nutritious dinner so I’ve decided to look for a few easy, delicious recipes I can make on my Rush Night. Luckily, we have a huge bank of recipes on our website that take less than 17 minutes so I thought I might highlight them and you might want to give them a try too.

1 quick weeknight dinner recipe – Thai Style Minced Beef with Rice Noodles

  • This is a recipe by Sue so I can vouch for it being a good one. Use beef mince and frozen veggies along with a Thai herb mix to get an authentic Thai flavour. Add the rice noodles and the kids are sure to find it a great dinner. I think this quick weeknight dinner recipe sounds like something I might try this Tuesday.

2 quick weeknight dinner recipe – Portuguese Chicken Burger on Turkish Bread

  • This is another recipe by Sue and actually one of the very first we put on our website. It’s great because you can easily adjust the ‘heat’ of the chicken for each family member (which is often important when you have younger kids) and everyone loves a burger.

quick weeknight dinner recipe – Fettuccini Boscaola.

  • Now I have to admit, this is one of my favourite ‘quick weeknight dinner’ recipes. I make this all the time when I want it to look like I’ve gone to a bit of trouble but I have no time.  If you want to make this recipe even quicker, use angel hair pasta as it cooks in a couple of minutes so you can have dinner on the table in 10mins. My kids love this one so give it a try.

quick weeknight dinner recipe – Chorizo and Antipasto Pizza

  • This recipe by the team at Beaks & Sons is great because you use their delicious sausages, pre purchased pizza base (you can even freeze so you always have it on hand) and antipasto that you can purchase and store in the pantry for when you need it. You could even get individual pizza bases so the kids can make their own. Quick and easy and tasty.

quick weeknight dinner recipe – Spinach and Asparagus Pasta with Soft Boiled Egg

  • Here is another quick and easy pasta dish from our good friends at Australia Eggs.  This is a well balances and healthy dinner that will get some vegetables into the kids.

So, there are 5 quick weeknight dinner recipes for you to try that come from our Under 17 Minutes recipe section. Why not let us know what your best ‘rush day’ meal is – we mighty even put it onto our website too!

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