17 Bright Ideas for Creative Ways To Use Jars

17 Bright Ideas for Creative Ways To Use Jars

I can’t tell you how many empty jars I put into the recycling bin each week, because there are so many. They range from vegemite jars to coffee jars to jam jars and the list goes on.  Also, I spend lots of time and money looking for and buying storage tubs etc. Why not save some money and searching time by reusing the empty jars. Here are 17 Bright Ideas for Creative Ways To Use Jars:

Buttons – Put in all your replacement buttons that you collect from new clothes in the one jar so they are always easy to find.

Store homemade jams and preserves – Give the jars a good wash with detergent first then pop then into the oven for 10-15mins to steralise them before you add your preserves. Be creative with your jams and give them pretty labels for that extra touch.

Create a bit of sparkle using tea lights and a ribbon wrapped around the lip of the jar – This would look great around a pool for a party or get a few different sizes and create a centerpiece for a dinner table. (Be Careful! Don’t let any ribbon get inside the jar near the flame. Keep away from children and animals.)

Collect a few jars and use them as a creative way to serve a cocktails and desserts – This creative way to use a jar looks great at a dinner party. Cocktails in jars are very in at the moment and your guests will be impressed. As for desserts, why not try tri-layered jelly, tiramisu or individual truffle. (Check out the great cocktail in our picture)

Store different size nails and screws in the shed – You can even screw the lids to the underneath of a shelf for great storage.

Tidy your make-up draw and use jars to separate lipsticks, mascara, eyebrow pencils etc – Keep all your make up tidy and clean. Be creative in your jar choices and add some pretty ribbon to give it a feminine touch.

Fill with a little water and place a flower, such as a single orchid bud inside – Place a few together in the centre of your table as a flower arrangement or use them with name tags as a fancy way to show people where to sit for a dinner party.

Medicine – Collect 7 jars. Label with the days of the week. Place your weekly vitamins and other tablets inside for easy access and safe keeping. Use small jars for this creative option.

Store the kids craft bits and bobs – What a great way to clean up the craft draw. You might want to use plastic jars for this creative jar idea.

The little doll bits – Keep Barbie Doll shoes, handbags and other small pieces organised and out of the way of toddlers

Jewellery storage – Keep earrings store away, neat and tidy. Putting jewellery in jars and in draws will help you know where everything is.

Money jar – Use jars to store loose change and see how much you can collect. Alternatively, use the jars for budgeting. At the beginning of the week or month, place money in a jar for travel, clothes, food, entertainment etc and stick to it.

Stationary – Keep pens tidy and easy to find. You’ll always know where to look when you are in need of a pen in a hurry.

Music – Keep the kids entertained by using 5 to 7 jars, fill them with different levels of water and make a fun musical instrument.

Welcome the Tooth Fairy – Get the kids to decorate the jar with stickers, pictures or ribbons etc. and use the jar for teeth to be be collected by the tooth fairy. This is a creative way to keep the kids entertained.

Salad dressing – Fill the jar with 4 tbsp of white wine vinegar, 1 tsp dijon mustard, 3 tbsp olive oil and season – shake well for a great salad dressing.

Place used cooking oil in the jar, tighten lid and throw away.

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