What To Do While He Watches The Game

What To Do While He Watches The Game

There are lots of women who love watching NRL or AFL but there are lots who don’t! I have my moments. Sometimes I am in the mood for a bit of sport watching while other days I just want to find something to keep me occupied for 2 hours. Here is a great list with 17 bright ideas for things to do when bored and you can do while he watches the game (or goes out to watch with the boys). If you have any other things you like to do, let us know:

Learn the rules – If you have no idea of what I am talking about when I say NRL or Union and you can’t tell the difference between the Wallabies or the Socceroos then why not try and learn. Surf the net to see if you can surprise your partner by commenting on how great the Blues played in Origin or how memorable the Socceroos were when the won their game to get into the World Cup. Here are a few pages to check out for NRL and Union.

Organise your tax – That time of the year is nearly upon us so why not prepare. Check out our list: Completing Your Tax Return for some tips, find all your receipts and donations, put everything together in one file, so you’ll have everything ready.

Learn to knit – This is something I always think would be a great skill. Imagine all the great jumpers, scarfs and beanies you could whip up. You will need to plan ahead before the big game and buy some knitting needles and yarn then follow the instructions from the Yarn Craft Council or watch on Youtube.

Re-organise your pantry – An organised kitchen starts with an organised pantry. Go through your pantry, throw out what is out of date, get yourself some great storage containers and arrange items by groups (snacks, spices, tin vegetables, rice/grains/pasta etc.).

Colour your hair – If you are a bit worried about doing your own hair colour or like the colour you have, don’t worry. Get yourself a semi-permanent like Schwarzkopf Live Colour which lasts about 6 washes. Choose a colour that is similar to what you have or try something with tones you would like (mulberry or red on dark hair looks great). A semi-permanent will give your great shine without any stress.

Clean out your make-up draw – Make-up has a used-by date. In particular, items like mascara should only be used for 2-3 months. Also, colours go out of style. Don’t hold onto that electric blue in the hopes that it will be back next season. A good clean out will not only help to de-clutter but will also give you permission to buy this seasons latest colours. Don’t forget to give your brushes a good wash too.

Enter a competition – Go online and check out what competitions are on offer on your favourite pages. Check out our Win! Win! Win! section and enter our competition as well as visiting other favourite sites.

Download the photos from your phone – Plug your phone into your computer and download your precious pics. This is also a good chance to see if there are any special photos that are worth framing or print them out online with someone like Snapfish – You get 30 free pics when you sign up – or make yourself a great photobook.

Become an Organisational Diva! – We have 17 useful templates to help you get your household in order. You could plan your weekly meals, collect all your usernames and passwords or write down all your family and friends birthdays. Take a look to see if there is something to help you unleash your inner organisational diva.

Check out some great deals of the day VouchersIn and other sites are filled with tons of offers that could help you save money but often it takes time to go through them and see what’s good for you. Here is your time! Get yourself a great dinner, a facial or a weekend away.

Sort through your kids artwork – If you have young children, as Sue and I do, you will know the dilemma of what to do with your kids artwork. Why not check out an App like ArtKive. You take photos of your kids artwork then you can sort them by child, tag them and use them to create gifts and keepsakes. What a great way to keep their artwork organised and allow you to de-clutter your home.

Research your next holiday – Hop onto your iPad or computer and find yourself a great holiday. Decide on your budget, where you would like to go and who you would like to go with then put together the perfect vacation. Even if you don’t have the funds yet, give yourself a plan to aim for.

Clean out your inbox – This is something it is hard to find time to do. Deleting and sorting emails can take a while so why not sit on the couch while others in the house watch the big game and get your inbox down to 1 page – I challenge you!

Buy your Christmas gifts – This is the best time to plan the Christmas pressies. All major department stores have huge toy sales on now and many of them will have layby for Christmas. Go online or look through catalogues and pick out gifts for your own children, friends and family. Don’t just stop at the kids. End of financial year sales are the best time to pick up a bargain or two. Put them away and reduce that Christmas mad rush.

Put all your CD’s onto your iPod or MP3 player – Are you like me and still have a pile of CDs that you never play because they are not on your iPod? Often, I will buy songs off iTunes even when I have them on a CD. While the game is on, get out all your CDs, find the songs you love, put them on your iPod and then pack your CDs into the garage. Another great way to de-clutter as well as save money.

Clean your jewellery – Get some mild soap, warm water and a toothbrush and give your rings, chains and bracelets a good clean. If you have sonic cleaner, even better. Clean jewellery looks so amazing.

Give yourself a facial – Take some soft, relaxing music and some candles and your favourite mask and head to the bathroom. Sit in the bath while you give yourself a relaxing facial. 17 Bright Ideas e-book has 17 natural beauty treatments you can try. Why not pour yourself some bubbles in a glass to help you relax.


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