Why Don’t You Relax More In Your Garden?

Why Don’t You Relax More In Your Garden?

The fresh air in your garden alone should be enough to make you want to lounge outside on any given day. But interior design and technology for homes has evolved so much that, the benefits to the simple outdoors has evaporated. Now homeowners want better reasons for why they should make their gardens first in line for their care and attention. Fortunately, there has been a resurgence this year in patio styles and technology. It brings forward simple concepts that make great use of smaller spaces, simpler seating, more dynamic additions to the outdoors to become more comfortable. The old but gold, tried and tested ideas are still extremely popular. Decking for one is still going strong, viably making a large part of your outdoor home usable. Yet there’s also an encouraging sentiment of more nighttime relaxation and being able to make your garden practical. 

A quiet corner

If you have an attached or semi-detached home they you can make use of your corners. Right outside your back door or patio sliding door, you can create a quiet corner. Known as ‘courtyard corners’ these make use of a small space that inherently provides support for seating. This is a brilliant choice for those with a small home, wanting to use every inch you possibly can. The courtyard area is enclosed, so you already have a reasonable amount of privacy, but in the corner you can create a place where you won’t be disturbed. The brick walls can be used to give your oak wood furniture and square sofa some support. Fix solar LEDs around the wall which allows you to also come here at night and watch the stars on a hot summer’s day. Keep it simple, add a few synthetic fabric covered cushions and pillows. Since the brick is near, you might want to offset the furniture with a pastel palette.

Just warming up

Sat by the fire, with a gentle warm breeze blowing on a cool night is one of the best feelings ever. In the comfort of your own garden, you can enjoy talking, eating and napping with some of the best modern outdoor Fireplaces you can buy. The Jetmaster Universal outdoor wood fire is one of the better ones as it can seamlessly be fitted into a solid structure. For example this fireplace can be fitted into a wall, a slab stone pillar or a sculpted clay arch. Since it is using real wood, the authentic sweet and smoky scent is also a bonus. However to go with this you should have furniture which can conduct heat. A wicker oval sofa is right up there with the best of the bunch. Leather is out of the question as the heat would shrink it, so use fine Merino wool for your cushions. A wicker coffee table is also good to place in the center of the sofa; good for placing your feet on to get some of that toasty fire warmth.

The French connection

The South of France has always been one of the places that has inspired many of the modern patio lounge styles we see today. The classic small round table we see today, comes from this part of the world. It’s best to get it in jet white or jet black to stay true to the original. The implementation of a clay or stone fountain is definitely in-keeping with this style also. However, let’s move onto something more modern and contemporary. For example, noise sensitive LED lamps fitting to the wall or even inside the wall itself are a brilliant addition. They add depth to the patio, allow you to use the space during a long evening. You should also consider automatic patio doors, they open and shut from a proximity sensor. Yet they can also be such that they are a one button push to activate. These are quickly being fitted all across the southern coast of France in mansions and villas. When you have a full tray of drinks in your hands you don’t need to do anything to clear your way from the kitchen to the outside. 

We should all relax more in our gardens. Take the time to look over these styles and additions to your garden. The patio is extremely versatile so whatever kind of style you want, there’s always something to satisfy your approach. But whatever you do, make sure you’re designing a patio or quiet corner that is able to be used during the night as well as day. 

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