Why Electric Heaters Are the Best Heating Option

Why Electric Heaters Are the Best Heating Option

For a considerable period, gas is termed as the cheapest way and the best way of warming our properties. Thus, a common form of warming homes in most countries.

However, electrical heaters have taken the front seat over time and are beginning to take the place of gas heaters. This is thanks to advanced innovations, which makes them more efficient and more affordable, unlike before.

There are various reasons one should go for electrical heating. In this piece, we look at each in detail.


Compared to other heating systems, these systems are easier and affordable during installation. This is because they don’t require pipes and ducts. There are also no restrictions as far as layout and design are concerned. What is needed is a fundamental connection to the electrical circuit, and voilà you are good to go.

Installing gas is usually a complicated thing which could take many days to fit all the structures. This also poses potential damage to property.

Whenever you purchase an electrical radiator, you are provided with an installation kit and a template. These make installing it a relatively simple job to install, and within no time, your home will be heated. You do not need to have a professional perform this as long as you can follow the manual

Noise and Safety.

Compared to gas heaters, electrical heaters are safer because they do not burn fuel to produce heat. As a result, the risks of carbon monoxide and potential explosions are eliminated.

Without water in pipes, as is the situation with gas heating, your property will be spared damage associated with leaking pipes.

 Electric heating systems are noiseless, whereas those that use gas make lots of noise thanks to the water flowing under intense pressure.

Value it offers

In the short-run, gas is cheaper than electric warming systems. This is, however, not the situation in the long run. While this might the case, installing a gas system is very expensive, and more costs are incurred during repairs and maintenance, which has to be frequent.

Electric heaters are cheaper to put together, and while they have minimal to nil maintenance costs, they can outlive the ordinary gas heaters by over 50%.

Using electric heaters ensures that no heat is lost between the source of power and that of warming the house, due to the short distance heat covers in the system compared to the complex gas system.

Environmental friendly warming

Despite natural gas being a clean fossil fuel, it is still a huge source of greenhouse gas emissions. Although gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, it is still one of the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emissions sources. With the release of carbon emissions, posing a massive threat to the environment, gas is becoming less attractive, especially to environmental enthusiasts.

On the other hand, electric heaters do not emit anything to the air and are environmentally friendly.

With these factors, choosing an electric heating system should be pretty straight-forward. Electric heating is clean and respectful to the environment. 

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