Why is Teething Pain Worse at Night?

Why is Teething Pain Worse at Night?

We received a great question for one of our Bright Sparks this week –

My 8 month old appears to be teething – drooling, chewing on everything and a little bit grumpy during the day, but at night he is completely unsettled.  Its like he can deal with the teething during the day but when it gets to nighttime he is over it and can’t deal with the pain. Or is it that the pain actually is worse at night?  Why is teething pain worse at night?


Great question!  We have done some research for you and it would appear that teething pain does actually get worse at night.  Some people attribute this to the body having lower blood pressure at night which allows the teeth to move more through the gums, or some attribute this to lying down when asleep, so the blood moves more towards the head increasing the pain.    I would hazard a guess that as babies are generally more tired and irritable in the evening that they complain about the pain more, exacerbating the problem.


Poor little man.  I hope his teeth pop through soon.  In the meantime I found that giving my kids iced drinks helped and well as the usual pain medication.  Amber teething necklaces also have proved to be useful.

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