Why Mediation is the Best Way to Deal with Your Divorce

Why Mediation is the Best Way to Deal with Your Divorce

Whether there was a slow build up and you were expecting it, or you never saw it coming, the prospect of a divorce is almost never a happy one. Most people think about going to court when it comes to getting divorced, but this can involve hours of dragging your personal life before complete strangers and add extra stress and upset to the whole situation.

Many couples who have reached the decision to end their marriage find that mediation is a calmer, less stressful alternative that can be used to iron out any disputes that they have and come to an amicable agreement for parting ways. Whether you’re struggling to see eye to eye about children, property, or something else, here are some of the main ways in which mediation can help your divorce run smoothly.

1. It’s Less Overwhelming

If your ex-spouse is struggling to agree to anything now that you have ended your marriage, you may feel that you have no other option than to fight them in court. However, this isn’t always the case – mediation can help you both get into a neutral setting where you can discuss these differences without fighting and arguing. You will be helped by a mediator who is trained to ensure that discussions do not escalate and conclusions can be reached by both parties. Experienced lawyers in Australia are easy to find, you just need to make sure you choose someone with the right background. A good example can be seen through the Ipswich lawyer Richard Zande who has more than 30 years of experience as a legal practitioner. Before this, his father made a name for himself in the area when he originally set up the firm. Choosing someone like this who offers completely confidential mediation services will help to resolve your family dispute in a timely and professional manner.

2. It’s Better for Your Kids

If you have children with your ex, then seeing their parents divorce can be a very stressful time for them, no matter how much you try to protect and shield them from it. Knowing that their parents are going to court can be even more upsetting for children, however, mediation is a much kinder option for the entire family.

3. It’s More Cost Effective

Unless you have already come to an amicable agreement with your ex and are only going to court for the formality of getting the divorce finalised, chances are that you could have a lengthy legal battle ahead of you, which can also quickly become very expensive. On the other hand, mediation tends to be a much more cost-effective option as there is no need for you to hire a divorce lawyer in most cases. And, in certain circumstances pre-hearing mediation is required, allowing you to save money by working through the main issues before you go to court.

4. Who Can Benefit?

Anybody struggling with a family dispute can benefit from mediation. Providing that there is no history of domestic abuse or other criminal activity in your family, mediation can help you and your ex speak calmly, work through differences and disputes, and come to an agreement that works well for everybody, whether you are discussing child custody or the division of assets. Mediation can be a very therapeutic process that allows both parties to feel heard and understand their position.

Divorces can be messy and upsetting, but mediation can be a cost-effective, calmer way of getting things back under control.

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