Why Your Drawing Room Must Have These Things

Why Your Drawing Room Must Have These Things

Coined during the late 19th century, the word drawing room or living room is synonymous for a lounging area or a sitting room that all serve the same purpose; to provide a considerable space for family or guests to gather in. In the west, this room is now primarily known as the living room or great room and serves as a sitting space for both, members of the house and more formal guests. In eastern countries however, the living room is a separate space, closer to the kitchen and less attentively decorated because only house members and informal guests are welcome there. The drawing room is the allocated space for proper parties and formal guests of the family. Thus it is the drawing-room that needs to be carefully and artfully laid out as it is the room that provides the first impression to the incoming important visitors.

Even though these spaces are designated differently in different cultures, the aim remains the same. That is for it to be a welcoming, comfortable yet impressive domain where not only loved ones can gather around for occasions like Christmas gift-giving but also more formal visitors can be entertained and made to feel embraced. It is therefore, imperative that you layout your drawing room in the best way possible in order to tick off all the right boxes. Here is a list of things that you must have in your drawing room and why.


This goes without saying that you need furniture to sit on, in a sitting space right? Well then, the first item on your cart should be a sofa set or a couch or a lounger or whatever they call it in your part of the world. Also do I really need to explain why you need to have this item on your list? It’s pretty self-explanatory. You got to have a comfortable spot for everyone on your guest list to lounge in. Neither can you have a game night standing up nor can you discuss the politics while your legs gave way underneath you.

So give heed to the colors of your walls, the ambience you want to create and the amount of seating you’re going to need before you head out to get that sofa. Keep in mind whether you need a lighter colored piece to brighten up the space or a pop of color to act as a focal point. Also only you know best about the kind of guests you’re most likely to have over more, so let that decide it for you on whether you should be getting a more elaborate sofa set or an L-shaped lounger would be the cozier option for your visiting family and friends.

Candles and diffusers

The next most important area of focus should be the atmosphere that you want to create for your space. No gathering, be it a casual house party or a dinner party for your office colleagues can be a success if the room feels claustrophobic or even worse, if it smells. After you’ve occasionally aired out the room through either opening up the windows or air-conditioning, you must think about the aromatic appeal for the area.  If your space is intended for more personal recreational activities, some scented tealight candles artfully cluttered around the room, are the perfect way to create a fragrant ambiance. However if the vibe of your drawing room is more formal, a diffuser will serve the same purpose and yet appear more elaborate.

Personal touches

No matter the amount of formality you intend to create in your drawing room, it still is a part of your home and it should tell every visitor a small part of your story. Apart from the decorative items that you purposefully buy with the said aim in mind, you also need to have a few pieces that are sentimental and vocalize your life and personality. Framed family photographs can create a rather picturesque display like so:

Aside from photos you can also show off your collection of travel souvenirs and no matter how small or inexpensive they might be, they are bound to be great conversation starters.

Wall-mounted shelves or bookcases

Did I mention earlier that books often make the best exhibit? Well, it’s true, they really are men’s best friend as you are bound to leave your guests impressed if you have a variety of good books displayed around your drawing-room. But of course, you first need a place to arrange them in, hence the bookcase or shelves.

Wall-mounted shelves are the best way to showcase not only your books but also the Knick knacks of personal items that we discussed previously. Your precious possessions will be artfully exhibited all the while being protected from little wandering hands and now that’s a win-win.

Floor and sofa cushions

No matter how much your guests are impressed with the aesthetic appeal of your drawing room if they are not comfortable as they lounge about, all your efforts are to go in vain. Cushions should be added in dictionaries as a synonym for cozy comfort. Small  round cushions, medium rectangular cushions or the good old big square floor cushions, you really cannot go wrong with having either of these strewn about the room. In addition to enhancing the comfort of the existing furniture, floor cushions will provide for extra sitting space for that big New Year’s Eve party that’s bound to get a little chaotic. A multitude of options are available for purchasing on sites like Amazon so you don’t even need to step out of the house to get them.

Conclusion There are numerous other products and ways to beautify your living space so all you need to do is create a vision in your mind encompassing all the aspects that you wish to include in your set up. Think of the ambiance you’d want to create, then the lighting and the sitting and the general feel of the space, and gather all this information and pour it into reality. Get inspiration from case studies like these but never lose touch with your own esthetic sensibility and you’re sure to

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