Wild Swimming Holidays In The UK

Wild Swimming Holidays In The UK

Sussex in the UK is an area that boasts a wealth of beautiful rivers and lakes. Thus, it is barely any surprise that it has become a popular place for wild swimming. If you are someone who enjoys taking a dip whilst on vacation, Sussex is certainly somewhere you should consider visiting. It is a complete vacation destination. It boasts a wealth of things to do and see and has become a haven for those who enjoy natural beauty. Nonetheless, let’s discover more about the best wild swimming spots in the area so you know where to go when you take a trip to the South East of the UK.

Cuckmere Meanders 

Cuckmere Meanders comes highly recommended. The setting is beautiful to say the very least. The water is shallow – between 4 ft. and 5 ft. – and there is practically no current. Thus, this makes it one of the safest spots to enjoy a bit of wild swimming. However, companies like Tanya’s Tadpoles can provide home swimming lessons in preparation for your trip, so this is always a good idea for kids. The grass banks and the chalky beds really add to the overall scene as well. A lot of people love spending the entire day at Cuckmere Meadows taking a swim and exploring all of the wildlife that is on offer. 

Wallers Haven

Wallers Haven is situated in between Pevensey and Bexhill. This river is located in a simply stunning area. It is crucial to bear in mind the fact that the river can be quite deep in places, with some areas being as deep as 15 ft. Nevertheless, the current is rather slow and thus this makes the experience more pleasant. It also means that you can swim either way as well. What people enjoy the most about Wallers Haven is that it is remote and therefore it provides them with a tranquil and serene experience. 

Chimney Meadows

A lot of people enjoy the magic that is Chimney Meadows. This area certainly has a certain charm about it which stems from the woodland surrounding the reserve. In fact, you can explore all of the landscape just as much as you can the water. 

Barcombe Mills, Ouse

Barcombe Mills has become an extremely popular spot for a holiday swim as it offers an excellent five kilometres stretch of swimming. The water is very clean yet there is no current. Nonetheless, it is important to bear in mind that the water can be quite deep here and the banks are steep as well. Whilst you may have come to enjoy a spot of wild swimming you may find yourself hiring a boat by the end of the day.

Chilbolton, Cow Common

Last but not least, Chilbolton has become a great little find. This a lovely tucked away bend of the river. It is quite small and only goes to about 7 ft. in terms of deepness. This is an excellent spot for those who want to enjoy the relaxation wild swimming provides. It’s not fitting for those who like to explore. Nevertheless, you do need to be mindful because the current can be quite strong. You won’t need to use your arms and legs for swimming here – let the current itself guide you.

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