You Can Say Yes To Dinner Dates Without Ever Damaging Your Diet

You Can Say Yes To Dinner Dates Without Ever Damaging Your Diet

When we’re on diets or trying to watch what we eat, most of us dread being asked out for food. For your friends, restaurant dining can seem like a fun and hassle-free way to catch up. To you, this can seem like a sure way to doom your healthier eating choices and spend weeks playing catch up as a result.

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We’re not here to deny that it can be challenging to stay healthy when you aren’t preparing your own food. Most restaurants aim for luxury and taste rather than health. The trouble is that your friends are getting annoyed about your continual refusal to eat out with them. In extreme cases, issues like these could lead to exclusion from your friendship group. That’s going to bad for your health in a whole different way.

The good news is, it is possible to eat healthy in restaurants. While the menu might not quite suit your eating plan, you can get around the problem in the following ways.

Choose restaurants which cook fresh

First, choose restaurants where food is cooked fresh. This way, you can be sure that you’re eating healthy ingredients. The carrots on your plate with be fresh from the fruit and vegetable suppliers, and thus packed with nutrients. That steak will be such a quality cut that there shouldn’t be an ounce of fat on it. You get the idea; fresh is usually best for your body. This way, you know that everything you eat is at its peak. It’s easy enough to judge whether a restaurant uses frozen or fresh foods. Price is often a good indicator, as is the general quality of the meals.

Ask for no oil

Another benefit of fresh cooking is that you ask for tweaks as you need them. For those of us on health kicks, restaurant eating is often such bad news because of the oil used for cooking. But, guess what? Your fresh restaurant chef can easily leave the oil out if you ask them to. That means you can enjoy a tasty meal without once having to worry about calories or breakouts. This can turn even unhealthy dishes into decent options and could see you spoilt for choice from near enough any menu.

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If in doubt, choose a salad

The worst thing which could happen is that your only option is salad. The good news is that even the most unhealthy restaurant is sure to offer at least one salad dish. This is a fantastic option, as it ensures you get fresh produce even in a freezer-based kitchen. It also pretty much guarantees you’re getting something healthy. It is worth noting that many restaurant salads come with high-oil, high-calorie dressings. As a precaution, then, always ALWAYS make sure to ask for dressing on the side. That way, you’re able to drizzle it on rather than letting your leaves swim in something so unhealthy.

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As simple as that, you can take your friends up on every lunch date they suggest again.

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