You’ve Ended Your Relationship – What Next?

You’ve Ended Your Relationship – What Next?

The end of a relationship is always a sad time. Maybe you tried and failed to work it out, or perhaps something happened which instantly put an end to things. Either way, it’s a difficult situation, and the kind of pain you can only really understand if you’ve been there yourself. If you’ve found yourself in this position and are wondering what practical steps you need to take next, here are some things to consider.


Work Out Your Money

Do you have any joint bank accounts that need to be closed? Are there debts or bills in both of your name? Ringing around these companies and explaining you’re no longer together is the first step so you can take care of any financial matters. You will also need to work out exactly how much money you have coming in by yourself too. This will allow you to plan and budget once you’re financially independent from your partner.


Divide Up Your Property

Deciding who gets what at the end of a relationship can be tricky. Many things you probably bought together as a couple. As well as possessions, this can also be things like pets. Try and work things out amicably, and fairly divide up what you own. Couples sometimes have to settle these things in court, although there is a cost to this and it might well end up being more expensive than the value of what you’re fighting for. It makes sense for you both to sort things out yourselves.


Moving Out

Once a relationship breaks down. Generally, one person (or both) leave the home to find somewhere new. Being the one to stay and being the one to leave both have advantages and disadvantages. Moving can be stressful on top of what is already a very stressful time. However, once you’re in the new place, it gives you a chance to start fresh. Staying means you get to stay in familiar surroundings, although this can also be a source of painful reminders for some people. Decide what would be best for you and go from there. If you want to stay where you are, work out if you can afford to live there alone. If not, getting a lodger could be one option. If you’re moving, decide what you can afford and start the search for a new home. Don’t forget to budget for removalists, storage units (if you need them) and other general moving costs.


Get Some Support

Talking everything through with friends and family really can make the world of difference. Don’t try and isolate yourself and deal with things alone, your support network can make this transitional time go a lot more smoothly. Feelings of anger, guilt, denial and sadness are all common after a breakup, having someone to support and help you can make the process much less scary. Plus  good advice can help you gain a whole new perspective.


The end of a relationship can feel like the end of the world, but the sadness will eventually pass, and you will start a new chapter of your life. It isn’t the end, it’s a whole new beginning. In months or years down the line, you will look back and be happy that everything worked out the way that it did.

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